on site:


There is plenty of shade and flat ground among the trees in our Campground. The grounds are complete with compost toilets, running water and a primitive outdoor shower. Mamas and babies will have their own camping area within the campgrounds with access to a small cabin complete with basic kitchen. Cooking on a small propane stove is OK in the campground, however, due to high fire risk season at that time of year, open fires are prohibited in this area.


Off Grid Living

This event is held on land that is completely ‘off grid’. All our electricity is generated on site. Due to this, we do not have cell phone charging stations available. Please bring your own battery packs for any charging needs you may have. As well, our gathering site is ‘out of range’ and does not have cell phone reception. We do have an emergency phone available to those in need. This is a unique opportunity for many of us to ‘unplug’ from all the hustle bustle of our digital lives and tune in more deeply with the frequency of nature.



There is delicious spring and well water that is potable for drinking and cooking throughout the Land.



Our gathering begins with an opening ceremony at 4pm on Wednesday, July 17th. Registration gates open at 9am that day to allow for plenty of time to get settled into your camp spot before opening ceremony. Our closing ceremony will be at 3pm on Sunday, July 21st. We encourage you to join us for both the opening and closing ceremonies if your schedule allows.



We offer two community meals (Breakfast + Dinner) each day. These meals are included in your ticket. Lunch is not served as a community meal. Please bring your own lunch and snack foods. For more details on food options, please see our ‘Nourishment’ section.



Entrance to all workshops presented at the gathering are included in your ticket. Some classes require a small materials fee so please bring extra funds in cash to cover these costs.



Recommended Packing List:


Sleeping bag

-Sleeping pad


-Wool Blanket

-Yoga mat

-Bowl, plate, cup and silverware

-Sharp pocket/belt knife (for camping + crafting class needs)




-Sunscreen-Reusable water bottle

-Sun hat



-Lunch and snack foods



-Camping stove

-Cooler + Ice

-Food Storage Container

-Non-toxic natural bug repellent