Origins Gathering

July 2020

Camptonville, California

• remember • hold Sacred • create a village •


As children of the Earth, it is our inherent rhythm to live in harmony with nature.

We gather in creating an intentional village to remember and celebrate our ancestral ways as we support the growth and healing of the collective feminine consciousness.  

Through these connections we honor all paths of wisdom past, present and future To build an inclusive culture of belonging.


Ancient Paths

At Origins Gathering we gather in sisterhood to share and remember earth based skills; hold sacred space in song and ceremony; commune with the natural world and expand our vision of a global village community. Through this community we may connect with our ancestors and honor the indigenous people of this land.


Creating a Village

This is a call to hold space for yourself, your expanding circle of women and the light of the coming generation; to share, grow, laugh and heal in harmony with nature.



Through creating solidarity and trust amongst ourselves, we usher in a paradigm that honors the divine feminine wisdom welling up from deep within our sacred bodies, hearts, and spirits.


Our gathering was birthed organically and synchronistically out of a deep appreciation for sisterhood, a willingness to listen and a powerful penchant for manifestation. We are now in our second year of stewarding this vision as origins gathering. we continue to build and expand our Village together in the true spirit of collaboration. We are excited to welcome you back to the Land that has held us for the past years as our now established home of Origins Gathering. 


We will be announcing our 2020 gathering dates soon + releasing instructor applications.

Origins Gathering is an intentional gathering that supports our roots in village living, reconnects us with earth wisdom and fosters the growth of the collective feminine consciousness.