Yoni Egg Initiation

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Yoni Egg Initiation is offered by Brittney Bliss

Yoni Egg Yoga is an awakening and restorative practice that alchemizes the art of self-love and sexual energy cultivation. This practice is designed to keep your sexual organs orgasmic and resilient. The word ‘yoni’ means sacred space in Sanskrit. A yoni egg is a gemstone that you can put inside your yoni (vagina) and do succulent practices with, like yoga but for your vagina. These practices strengthen and relax your pelvic floor, while re-sensitizing and awakening your sexual centers, allowing you can feel even more pleasure. Yoni Yoga contains a series of exercises that are specifically designed to train your pelvic floor to be able to relax and soften into pleasure and to contract and strengthen to support your vital organs. These practices awaken your sensuality, increase your orgasmic potential, release shame, trauma, and stuck emotions, balance hormones, and so much more.

In this workshop learn how to safely use a yoni egg and how to create your own revitalizing practice.

This workshop can be done with or without a yoni egg.