Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel

Winter Jendayi-class offering.jpeg

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel will be offered by Winter Jendayi

The Medicine Wheel, also known as the Sacred Hoop, is central to many indigenous walks of life and traditions. Through the wisdom this sacred wheel holds, we are able to find grounding and orientation so we may approach our life in alignment with the elemental cycles and the natural world, walking our prayers in our daily life.
Held in a ceremonial container and supported by the altar, Winter will share about the Medicine Wheel, the directions, the elements, and ways and practices in which we can deepen our connection with these energies and stand as the axis of this altar and wheel, in our life. This offering will include breath and movement practices, live music and sound healing, as well as elemental rituals with plant medicines such as tobacco, cedar and rose.
When we are oriented in our surroundings with understanding of the different influences this Wheel holds for us, we are able to navigate the seen and unseen realms calling on support when needed, and understanding the fullness of our being more clearly. When we are supported by the heart of the Earth and connected to the heart of the stars, our life force flows through us gracefully, allowing us to extend ourself outwards into the world through our heart space, the direction of within; the Heart of Hearts.