Have a local business that is aligned and in support of our cause? Have a personal passion that allows you to donate something you’ve handcrafted, grown, raised or created?

We are currently accepting item donations for the raffle. Whether you are a maker of art/crafts, offer a product or services, we'd be grateful to receive your donations. We’d love to trade some promo through our Instagram following, put your logo on our sponsor page/flyers + give shoutouts for a donation from you! We will be holding a raffle + auction during the Summer Solstice Gathering in order to raise money for Origins Gathering’s: Mama’s Village, Wellness Spa, and Hearth. You are welcome to pick which component of OG to donate to or let us pick for you.

All proceeds raised through the raffle are allocated directly to our 'Diversity Scholarship Fund' making it possible for those in need of financial support to join us at our 2019 gathering.

Gratitude for your offerings in kind,

The OG Ladies