Ancestral Arts & Earth Skills Presenters

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Kitchen Witchery: Food Alchemy & Folk Healing for the Home

"Born in Oregon and carrying a lineage of ancestors-- including grandmother-healers and indigenous midwives-- who have walked on four continents, Aileen Marie ‘Sequoia’ Peterson is the face behind Awilda We’Moon and Brighid's Hearth Church: Temple of Spiritual Healing & Shamanic Birthwork. She is a womxn's wellness practitioner, traditional full-spectrum birthkeeper + freebirth mentor, intuitive bodywork healer, folk herbalist, permaculturist, beekeeper, temple dancer, Amazon horsewoman, priestess-witch, and writer. Her personal and professional work revolves around ancestral living and rewilding, reconnecting to our innate magic and facilitating connection to and exchange with the Earth and the Spiritworld, practicing sustainability and activism, and reclaiming undisturbed primal birth + parenting + autonomous body sovereignty. She has been studying and actively participating in womxn's mysteries and priestessing for thirteen years; dance and movement for eleven years; natural childbirth, midwifery, and herbalism for eight years; and bodywork and traditional nutrition over the last six years. Aileen performs in her local bellydance showcases and has also been featured on multiple podcasts including Birth Works! and The Freebirth Society, as well as having written articles for SQUAT Birth Journal, C*nt Love Zine, and is writing a book on Freebirth. Her current endeavors include teaching classes, creating community-based wellness + midwifery outreach, guiding nature immersion, ceremony + circle facilitation, and planning future ancestral arts gatherings for womxn and queer folk."


Journeying with Indigo Dye & the Shibori Technique

Audra studied fiber arts at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland. She beautifully explores textures and colors. She enjoys working with her hands as a way to express herself and regards her process as meditative. Always telling a story and setting meaningful intentions through her work.

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Journeying with Indigo Dye & the Shibori Technique

Eileen is a student and lover of plants. She is fascinated by their magic and their medicine. Eileen has studied herbal medicine at the Philo School of Herbal Energetics and The Hawthorn Institute. She enjoys accessing a plants full potential, their spirit, their medicine, their beauty and the colors they offer the world.


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Cattail Weaving

This will be our third year to teach at the gathering on this land. It is my favorite, but just one of many gatherings where I have taught my original Bottle Basket and Chopstick Cover designs since 2007. Other gatherings I teach at are Rabbit Stick, WinterCount, Buckeye, Lighting our Path, Spirit Weavers and Elements. Along side me, as always, will be Starlight Compost teaching her original hat designs, the Brim and the Bird Tribe visor. We began learning ancestral arts shorty after we met in 1992. We may often be found on hot summer days at the Yuba River weaving. I am so pleased to be invited back!



KAYLA Barnum: 

Friction Fire Magic

Bowdrill Fire

Beginning The Tracking Journey

Kayla Rayson has been devoted to cultural repair, earth living skills and nature connection over the past 12 years. She has studied in depth with the 8 Shields institute with Jon Young as well as completed a three year education facilitating Rites of Passage and transformational leadership. Most recently, she has studied at Tracker School with Tom Brown jr. and guided youth in Wilderness Passages and Survival Skills in the Sierra foothills. She lives off the grid with her family in Northen California. Her continued quest on this path has brought many gifts including the drive and passion to remain deeply connected and in service.

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Old World Hat Making

Cailin V is a professional milliner and seamstress located in Northern California. She crafts adornments from regenerative, sustainable materials in honor of Mother Earth.





Mikhel lives in Northern California in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near the Yuba River. She worked with a dear friend to completely renovate the small off-grid cabin in the woods where she lives.  She is passionate about culinary arts, herbal medicine, fermentation, the transformation of spaces, and West African drum and dance (specifically Mali and Congolese styles).

Mikhel has been shooting recurve bows for the last 5 years. She first encountered her love and natural ability with the bow at a skills gathering. The bow brings a sense of mindful meditation into her life. She’s currently working towards the joyful goal of hunting her own food.  

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Rachael Soroka:


Rachael Soroka’s love of archery started at a Buckeye Gathering 3 years ago, and has become an on-going life project with range practice and a goal of bow hunting. Her archery instruction is informed by 12 years of intensive Aikido (martial arts) training, giving her the ability to analyze and explain complicated and nuanced physical practices in an accessible and natural way. She lives in the woods in an off-grid cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills where personal empowerment through living skills and day-to-day sustainability are core beliefs and practices in her life. Primitive skills are a constant and central focus. Wild meat figures heavily into her diet, as well as gardening and foraging.



Saskia Martin:

The Sensual Art of Ceramics

Saskia Martin is a fairly recent transplant to the Grass Valley area from Humboldt. She grew up in Europe and California. Her ceramics studies began in Japan. She loves the process of working with clay both on and off the wheel and is fascinated by the unplanned and uncontrolled effect of atmospheric firing, in which ash, carbon and flames create natural glazes.

Saskia is in love with and actively involved in clay for almost two decades and over three continents!



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Amanda Fischer

Reconnecting with Home

Amanda Fischer is a passionate builder who focuses on the art of empowerment through the use of natural and renewable materials to create home spaces. As an ever evolving teacher, builder and designer Amanda focuses on creating built environments that inspire deeper relationships with the land, habitat and home by utilizing natural and locally sourced materials to create spirit filled spaces! Education and community are extremely important to her; she has taught workshops in California and Thailand and continues to spread the love and knowledge reconnecting us and home.