Current Permaculture Projects on the Land

Want to learn more about permaculture, land tending or plants in general? We’ve got space available this summer for some short term on site living internships! We love to spread the knowledge and always need a couple extra hands, lets share the skills & learn together :) for more info or available dates email

Our gathering site is an active and continually developing permaculture project as well as home. A guided walk about during the gathering will be lead by our year round land steward crew.

Contact us directly to get involved in current projects and workshops happening on the land.


Upcoming Workshops

want to instruct?

Grass valley

Get a hold of us directly! @originsgatheirng is our instagram and is our email

We’ll be hosting workshops next year in our new homespace #2 just minutes outside of Grass Valley! Day or weekend workshops will be much more accessible here, while the gathering will still be held in the privacy of our forest homebase.