"My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived."

~Nayyirah Waheed


Origins Gathering recognizes that because of our mothers, we are able to show up and gather in sisterhood ~ Mama’s Den is not only a space for the mothers present at the gathering, but a symbol of respect being payed to our maternal ancestral lineage for bringing us here.  

At Origins we honor the Mother below us within us and around us.  We are excited to have a dedicated space for mothers, children and supportive sisters to connect, find support & freedom during the gathering.

Mama’s Den is a village within the village.  An area for Mama’s and babes to camp that is quiet. An entire space dedicated to workshops for mothers & children. There will be childcare available by other sisters so that mamas can indulge in workshops in full presence. 

Stay tuned for Mama’s Den workshop lineup, schedule, and ways to participate!