What's Happening Locally

We love supporting our community! In our area most of us are pretty spread out between Nevada County, Yuba County, Sierra County & Placer County. If you're local and have an event, workshop or business to share reach out so we can add your info below!

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Questions: Contact info@originsgathering.com

For ticket sales, visit https://intimateencounters.splashthat.com/

OR directly paypal payment

Ticket includes entry into event, all workshops, access to spa/silks/tea/yoga zones, and camping spot. 

Intimate Encounters

Gather & Explore: All Adult Human Welcome

camptonville, ca @ origin's Private land • address GIVEN UPON REGISTRATION

friday September 7th @ 1Pm - Sunday September 9th @ 1pm - $60-140 

These workshops are centered around sensual touch, exploring physical sensations, and a creating a safe container for examining intimacy.

Please note that although this is an intimate weekend of sensuality, you will not be asked or guided to engage in any sexual activity during the workshops. If you choose to engage in sexual activity during the weekend with another it is under the consent of all parties involved in those activities.

This is a camping weekend event. Welcome to a land of spring water, trees & flowers. Please bring yourself food and nourishment for the weekend. You will have access to an outdoor kitchen for cooking space, some refrigeration & community. Be self sustainable throughout the weekend, no waste please, and enjoy the serenity of life in the forest! 

Our Guides:

| Rosalie Amber Grace | Melissa Mango SSE | Adelaide Marcus | & more