Our Land


We are in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. This land is within 36,000 acres of Tahoe National Forest right outside the small town of Camptonville. Most of your drive coming into the land will be surrounded on all sides with trees, mountains and rivers. The forest is alive with birds, foxes, bears and magic. A creek runs through the property that feeds into three beautiful ponds and flows out into Oregon Creek.


The basic infrastructure on the land was originally built to host an underprivileged youth summer camp and as a space to gather community. The current land structure hosts retreats, workshops and events. Each year of Origins Gathering we work to add more composting toilets, camping areas and sustainable developments to build and expand upon the previous owners vision of coming together. We are seasonally building more gardens filled with vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and medicinal herbs. 


Blackberries (ripe on the vine), Cattails and Willow trees can be found wherever you see water.  Other trees throughout the land providing shade and habitat to a myriad of birds are Madrone, Manzanita, Oak, Cedar, Yew, Pine and Fir. The natural swimming pond's crystal clear cold waters are a welcome reprieve from hot summer days and beautiful hiking trails snake through our central acreage leading into thousands of acres of protected national forest.


We request that you treat this land as you would your home. Please respect the plants, trees, animals and waters of this land. Please take any trash that you create at the gathering home with you, as we strive to produce zero waste.


We honor and recognize the Nisenan as the indigenous people of this land whom have made their homes here for thousands of years. For more of their history and ways to support them please visit their website ~  http://nevadacityrancheria.org/index.html

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