Intuitive Handpoke Tattoo

Intuitive Handpoke Tattoo will be offered by Mary Campbell

Mary will be offering mini handpoke intuitive tattoo sessions at Origins this year! These collaborative pieces are created with intention and infused with prayer - it is Mary’s hope for these tattoos to feel like (re)discovery of what is already present in the body and soul, an exploration of past, present, future, and the swirl of Spirit within in it all. They are a celebration of mystery, fluidity, and affirmation of one’s innate wholeness. These sessions involve curiosity and trust in the process: You sit together and begin the session in conversation and the burning of palo santo, moving into what feels potent to invite into the space and tattoo. From there, if it feels right, there is invitation to ground the tattoo in card exploration, using cards as a tool for opening and further reflection. When ready, you enter into the design process, where Mary draws directly onto your body and you work together to discover how the tattoo moves and what wants to be revealed in the piece. These two hour sessions will be smaller tattoos (2-5 inches) but they can always be added onto at a later time as well!