Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery

Mika D class.jpeg

Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery will be offered by Mikhel and Rachael

Rachael and Mikhel welcome new and experienced folks to Traditional Archery and our open range again this year.

Each day of the gathering, two class sessions will be offered. Class structure includes instruction and demonstration, though the majority of class time will be dedicated to hands-on practice and guidance on the range. Students will leave class knowing proper archery form and technique, safety and conduct on a range, proper care and respect of the equipment, and the Zen of Archery.

All ages, levels of experience, and variations of abilities are welcome. Shirene, Rachael’s daughter of nine years old, will be joining us at the range to help guide youth archery.

The range is open from sun-up to sundown. Use of the range with your own equipment is available during all open hours.