Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle

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Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle is offered by Sam Rea

The Herbal medicine making sister circle is a sacred class space where woman can make medicine together using the wise woman tradition. The session opens with a simple 20 min breath & movement Practice, opening & grounding the body, helping clear away blocks and arrive in her body, so that we can become a vessel to channel our creative force as Women. We will journey with creative enhancing herbs such as Cacao, or Holy Basil, invoking the creative goddess within, tuning in to what intention or medicine each person feels called to create. I will go over demonstrations on how to infuse herbs in oil, honey, or menstrums to create tinctures, and herbal smoke blends. We will then be creating intentional and vibration herbal medicine with our hands that comes from our truth and intuition. I will also be going over the different benefits of the herbs we will be using such as herbs for intuition, grounding, heart chakra, anti bacterial, consciousness shifters, and more!! The intention behind this workshop is to learn ancient traditions on herbal medicine making, so we can continue to pass on these traditions to the generations to come and to empower the wise medicine woman within.