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Veladya Chapman:

Yoni Liberation

Veladya has a Bachelor's Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Guide & Yoni Steam Facilitator. Veladya has studied via The Institute of Transformational Nutrition and has since expanded her education through lectures, seminars, books & online research.

Tasha Zigerelli:

Herbal Medicine for Womens Health from Menarche to Menopause

Tasha has been studying western plant medicine for the last 7 years. She has studied under herbalists from Rosemary Gladstar, David Winston and Aviva Romm to Susan Weed and Paul Bergner . A community based herbalist with my primary focus being women's health and flower essences and owns an herbal tea company based in Santa Cruz called Tea Tree Herb Co., Tasha focuses on plant energetics, flower essences for emotional blockages in the womb and beyond , and teaches classes on various ways we can connect deeper with the earth, our bodies and ourselves on an emotional and spiritual level. She is also a licensed Doula and current midwifery student.


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Cassie Boraiko:

Wild Herbal Beer

Cassie has been an avid fermentress/ microbe & herb nerd for 5+ years, currently obsessing over medicinal herbal brews. She mostly is self-taught via books and lots of experimentation, though I have also attended a variety of classes and workshops focusing mostly on Korean Natural Farming (fermenting for the garden’s health) and herbalism. This is my passion and heart-work, I spend my time honing this art via trial, error, love, and intuition.

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Winter Jendayi :

Sacred Flow Yoga

Winter is a passionate yoga instructor, songstress, Moon Dancer, and keeper of sacred ways. Inspired by the magic of yoga which she first experienced in the jungle of Costa Rica, she traveled to India where she received her first 200 hours of training studying Ashtanga yoga. Shortly after, Winter received another 200 hours of training in Transformative Yoga in northern California. In 2016, Winter studied in an advanced course in Guatemala and received 300 hours of training in Mystical Yoga and Shamanism, expanding her knowledge in indigenous wisdom and practices. Winter is a three year Moon Dancer and pipe carrier from the Metztliyoliliztl Danza in Costa Rica. In 2019 she will complete her commitment, an initiation in Mexica tradition.
Winter has spent the last four years in countries and communities around the globe where she received teachings from elders and experienced many ancient forms of healing. From this work she has found inspiration and guidance for holding space and using music as medicine. Inspired by earth-based traditional ways, Winter strives to weave this wisdom into her work, guiding students to become aware of our deep connection with the earth and of the sacred space within where we find our awakening source and an abundance of love and gratitude for this journey.

Cambelle Logan

Ritual Herbal Elixir Making

Amidst the deep peace of forest paths and blossoming meadows, Cami feels most at home. Her love of plants began years ago when she was first introduced to the wildness of off grid living, and has deepened over time through the study of herbalism, botany, and organic farming. She loves creating herbal formulas for clients in her clinical practice, drafting herbal musings, crafting herbal medicine for her apothecary, and making botanical art. She devotes most of her time to studying the energies of plants and deepening her knowledge of how the human body and plants interrelate. Her life is rooted in the belief that plants will play a pivotal role in providing resilience in the transitional times we are approaching, acting not only as physical and spiritual medicine, but also helping us to restore our connection to the web of life. 

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Aileen Peterson:

ReWilding Womxnhood: Womb Wisdom & Womxn's Wellness

Kitchen Witchery: Food Alchemy & Folk Healing for the Home

Gaia as Healer: Intro to Land-Based Healing

see bio in Ancestral Arts & Earth Skills instructor section

Hannah Young:

Earth Heart Dance

I am a self and experience taught dancer and mover. For years now I have been working with shamanic journeying, energetic chanelling and light languages to connect me deeper to the Earths Heart.
Drawing and transmuting energy up from the Heart Fire into my body and out into the world.

My passion is to introduce and reconnect people to their bodies wisdom and inner medicine. Allowing the body room to move and process, creating space for harmony to evolve and transmute. I believe connecting to Earth medicine is a fundamental way of bridging the gap within ourselves and our Home.