Ganjasana: Cannabis Plant Spirit Ceremony

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Ganjasana: Cannabis Plant Spirit Ceremony will be offered by Rachael Carlevale

A transformative experience honoring the wisdom of the natural world; learn how to listen to the spirit of the cannabis plant, detect the roots of your imbalance, and directly communicate and build relations with plant spirit allies to live a life in balance with nature. Discover tools and medicinal approaches rooted in ancient shamanic practices including plant aspersions and atonements; and learn technical skills on how to work with various cannabis genetic cultivars, including the endocannabinoid system, conscious consumption, and methods of cultivation. Founded on the principles of permaculture, we honor and commune with cannabis that is grown with regenerative agricultural practices and sustainably conscious methods that are mindful of the health of the plant, the environment, and the people. Ceremonies are designed to model traditional approaches to plant communication, from soil to flower, and guide individuals to connect with the earth and their most authentic selves for holistic healing.