Freeing the Divine Feminine: A 4 day Journey thru the Physical and Soul Chakras to Activate your True Authentic Nature

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Freeing the Divine Feminine is offered by Lightworker Liv

This workshop will take place over a 4 day period. Those who come to this workshop are highly encouraged to commit to coming for all 4 days as this is an activation journey into a never before part of yourself that has yet to have been. The four parts of the workshop have 4 themes and in each theme we will follow the spirit of the chakras that embody this theme. We will heal the collective divine feminine on 4 levels and it will be an initiation for us as well as for Gaia. You will learn the chakra system 1-32. You will understand who your light family is and what light codes you bring into the world. You will learn how to clear your own Akashic records, how to use yoga to activate inner child healing, how to use shamanic breath to clear and cleanse your chakras, and so much more. This is going to be an extremely potent journey and if you have been wanting to activate your galactic shaman divine feminine badass self then this 4 day journey is for you. Bring a blank journal and some pens. Bring your favorite crystals and anything else you feel called to put on our alter space.