Empowerment & Social Justice  Presenters

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Mackenzie Myers:

Re-Wilding the Voice


Tayla Ealom:

Embodiment and Decolonization

Tayla is an earthling protector working to weave the worlds of social and ecological justice in an embodied way as a trained somatic counselor and bodyworker. As a multi-racial cisgendered woman of color with lineages ranging from West Africa to Europe and Turtle Island, she works in the worlds of cross-cultural wombyn's work that offers access to powerful healing modalities for all genders. Her current PhD studies in Women's Spirituality, Ecofeminism and Spiritual Activism guide her to work in a way that connects the dot between body, earth, womb and spirit. She strives to brings these awarenesses and practices into wombyn's spaces so healing can remain at the forefront of social-ecological movements. 


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Vidya sofia:

THE ORIGINS OF PLEASURE: the Tantric Approach to Women's Orgasm and Healing

Vidya is a certified Tantra Instructor who has witnessed first hand the deep transformation and healing that occurs when one works consciously with sexual energy, the body and the mind. She is passionate about ritual, mantra, kundalini practices and natural healing. She has taught around the globe, offering workshops, yoga series and private coaching sessions. One of her favorite area's of expertise is women's sexual health and healing through Tantra.

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Laura Lorenz:

Walking in Your Own Shoes: Empowerment through Personal Sovereignty

A mother, healer, flower essence practitioner, psychotherapist, and student of Mama Gaia, Laura's passion is being a part of the life journey and supporting others on their paths. Her connection to Mama Gaia runs deep and was planted on the prairie of the Dakotas, strengthened in the desert of Arizona, and refined in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Laura's education includes a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's in Professional Counseling. She feels most at home hiking in the beautiful red rocks of Northern Arizona and sharing time with my son.