"culture is coded wisdom"
~ Wangari Maathai

As we come together from various backgrounds we celebrate the gift of cultural diversity among us. Our ‘culture’ component of the gathering is an open forum for any participant, work trader and instructor alike to share a cultural offering from their own personal lineage and/or offering that they have received direct initiation, permission + blessing from the indigenous culture and people they are representing.



Barter Fair

This is a wonderful place for all of us at the gathering alike to bring a blanket and set out your crafts or wares. Bartering is encouraged so if you don’t have something that you craft to offer, we invite you to get creative with what you can bring to offer up in trade. The ‘barter fair’ is not limited to a trading goods/services for goods/services exchange, money is acceptable as well.


Throughout the gathering, some of our presenters offer you ceremonies, rituals and talks from lineages around the world. 

Here we share in council, deeper listening, creating expanded space for our intentions, embracing all lineages present and building the culture of our Village together.