Bethany Wilde


Bethany will be offering Holistic Womb + Pelvic Healing in the Wellness Spa


a massage therapist and has over 150 hours of advanced training in women’s internal and external pelvic bodywork, including during pregnancy. Some of the most well-known trainings she’s certified in are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care by Tami Kent.


Bethany Wilde is a massage therapist and guide. She received her BA in Somatic Studies, engaging in independent study to learn about how trauma is held in the body and gentle, natural ways to heal. She works with women through holistic womb and pelvic healing sessions, weaving together intuitive and traditional bodywork, energy medicine, ancestral guidance and deep presence. She aims to hold space for women's healing, helping them reclaim vibrant health and freedom in their bodies and spirits.

Bethany's mission in life is to help women remember that their feminine center can be a foundation of power, support and deep wisdom. That their soul voice can be uncovered through connecting with their womb and pelvic space, where their vitality and powerful female sexuality and sensuality lives. That they have an innate blueprint of wisdom and health.

She is honored to offer intuitive bodywork sessions, where each one is unique and co-created with you.