Acorn Processing and Bread Baking

Anna Henning class.png

We will start from the beginning of the process with an unprocessed acorn, cracking and de-shelling them, into the leaching process, and then on to the recipe for the bread baking. We will bake the bread in a cast iron and continue our class with discussion on the history of Acorn as food as well as sharing of our experience with the oak as an individual.

Acorn Processing and Bread Baking will be offered by Anna Henning

Alphabiotic Alignment Process

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.32.44 PM - Swirl Moore.png

The Alignment process is a very gentle and quick process. It involves a unique movement of the head that has been performed over a million times without any negative consequences. It is a high level non-threatening sensory input into the brain, a way to communicate to the brain in a way it understands. This stress pattern interrupt allows the brain to do a system check and realize that there is no real threat, therefore no need to maintain a protective mode. Once this occurs the two hemispheres of the brain come into balance and the body follows. When this happens the body receives a massive supply of previously misdirected energy, and balance is restored.

Alphabiotic Alignment Process is offered by Swirl Moore

Altar Magik | Sacred Space for Life, Death and Rebirth


Altar Magik | Sacred Space for Life, Death and Rebirth will be offered by Aisha

You will learn to reach within your spirit and find the outer elements needed to tune into your divine space of awareness.
The focus is creating altars while ONLY using elements that are around us.
You will also strengthen your ability to adapt to your environment and seek guidance through nature within any given situation.
Collect what is available and use your mind magik to manifest the possible.
Earth Water Air Fire.
Flowers, roots, leaves, barks, feathers, stones or bones etc.
The Altar Created will reflect the personal healing needed.
Womb Healing / strengthening
Honor for deceased
Ancestral Communication

Art in Natural Building

Amanda Fischer- class offering.JPG

An intuitive exploration into art in natural building. Express yourself in earth while succumbing to creative expression. Participants will use different clay rich soils and earthen plaster ingredients to create an artistic wall finish. Our ancestors used native soils, pigments and natural fibers to create beautiful works of art on our built environments. The use of natural materials is not only healthy for our environment but also to our health and well-being. Come learn these beautiful and ancient practices to enhance any space.

Art in Natural Building will be offered by Amanda Fischer

Art of Ritual

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.52.53 PM.png

Amidst these very charged and potent times, it has become even more important to gather, build, and refine our individual and collective Ritual toolset. As our culture evolves to be most relevant within the current era, so must are our Ritual practices.

In this highly interactive class, we will learn to create an intentional environment with a structure and outline for a basic ritual practice. Within this space, we will collectively engage with practices for connecting with the life-force of Creation and thus make offerings of substance and nourishment. We will delve into the technology of Prayer and cultivate our innate awareness and alliance with the Great Mystery. In this magic making way, we refine our ability to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds and make the Beauty we want to see in the world.

Art of Ritual will be offered by Isis Indriya

Awaken Your Wild Feminine: Photoshoot



Offered by Alyssa Keys in the Wellness Spa

Photos taken by the beautiful Alyssa Keys. You may choose from a variety of locations around the Wellness Spa: clawfoot tub w/floating flowers, flower garden, forest, outdoor shower, or aerial silks. Special requests may be made for alternate locations in the gathering. Use this photoshoot with intention to empower yourself, your business, your skills, or your offerings. Bring a sister along for a bit of support, or join in together for a double discount. 

Space is limited. Email Alyssa for direct details + scheduling to book prior to gathering.

Awakening the Heart Through Movement and Sound

kendal white class.jpg

Awakening the Heart Through Movement and Sound is offered by Kendal White

This breath centered yoga class is a synergistic journey into meditation, movement and music. It is an opportunity for one to connect more to the essence of one’s heart and cultivate a deeper practice of self love. Each class will begin with connecting to ourselves and another individual through gentle partner yoga. This will aid in encouraging a harmonious synergy among the group. As we continue in our individual practice, we will tune into the rhythm of our hearts to drop in deeper to the connection of our bodies and breath. After we have cultivated our energy through movement we will direct our intention into our somatic bodies through the support of song and different sound healing instruments. We will take some time to further embody the abundance of self love we have cultivated. This class is designed to include all levels and is accessible to everyone.

Ayurvedic Bliss Therapies

Abhyanga + Swedana, Shirodhara

$65 Shirodhara, $77 Abhyanga + Swedana

Manya Williams-spa offering.png

Offered in the Wellness Spa by Manya Williams

Abhyanga is a full gentle body massage with warm medicated herbal oils, that remove toxins from the cells and bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Abhyanga is calming and the effects from the treatment can be felt for days after as it builds on itself by bringing addressing the body’s emotional imbalances. Abhyanga incorporates the use of gentle gliding like strokes and special rhythms that will allow blocked energy to effortlessly move throughout your body. This is why it’s often considered both detoxifying and rejuvenating. Abhyanga can provide supportive in conditions like anxiety, fatigue, pain, arthritis, digestive issues, and stress. After and Abhyanga treatment, get ready to notice a new radiant lustre on your skin. Regular Abyangha treatments are like reclaiming your own fountain of youth. This treatment is paired with Swedana. Swedana is an herbal steam therapy. This full body steam from the neck down infuses dosha specific herbs and heat to detoxify and purify the body. Shirodhara is a gentle, yet deep treatment that works specifically on neutralizing and calming the activity of the mind. Warm, dosha-specific infused herbal oils are delicately streamed over the Ajna Chakra or third eye, taking you on a hypnotic like journey of deep calm. This supports the process of calming the mind and racing thoughts which provides an opportunity for the nervous system to feel safe and grounded. Often feelings of relaxation and delight follow. Shirodhara is helpful for repetitive thoughts, impatience, doubt, worry, anger, insomnia, hair loss, and especially headaches. The benefits are greatly enhanced if paired with a therapeutic Abhyanga massage, when the body is already relaxed and in a very receptive state. When the body can not feel at rest, Abhyanga is effective at grounding; and when the mind is relentless, Shirodhara is a soothing antidote.

Balancing your Wellness Wheel

Swirl Moore-offering.png

The key to living a wholistic healthy life is balance. Self-love is the best and quickest way to feel well inside and out and this practice becomes a lifestyle of self-mastery. The Wellness Wheel is a fun way to bring awareness to your lifestyle. We will look at the different areas of the wellness wheel to examine your current state of being and what you could do to bring about balance.

Balancing your Wellness Wheel will be offered by Swirl Moore


Rhea Light class.jpg

Breathwave is simple and gentle offering that provides a deep experiential dive into Conscious Connected Breathing. The benefits of Breathwork extend far beyond the physical into the mental and emotional fields. Each person’s breath pattern is completely unique to their own life experience and can be seen as a metaphor for how they live their lives. Surrendering to the divine intelligence that is our breath, this technique allows life force to move where it once had been constricted allowing a gentle release of old holding patterns on all fields of experience.

Breathwave will be offered by Rhea Light

Cattail Weaving


Cattail is a fiber resourced the world over and is an entirely edible plant.  We will review harvesting, curing, storing and eating the cattail plant while instructing how to make a unique and high functioning art piece.

Cattail Weaving will be offered by Laughter Medicine & Starlight Compost

Creative Pussy Hair Color

Alexandria Rodriguez-Gregory - class offering.jpeg

Choose from the rainbow spectrum and get creative with your pussy hair! The process includes lightening and then coloring of your intimate hair.

Creative Pussy Hair Color will be offered by Alexandria Rodriguez-Gregory

DIY Yoni Massage for Pelvic Floor Health

Melanya- class offering.jpg

Join me in a two hour yoni exploration and non-sexual yoni massage workshop. Yoni or pelvic massage/myofacial release/trigger point therapy is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and midwives to help release bands of tense muscles to relieve vaginal pain, pelvic hypertension, and even hip pain to name a few benefits. In this course you will practice hands on skills on yourself or with a partner. Once back home you can continue practicing these skills on yourself or close friends in a safe environment.

DIY Yoni Massage for Pelvic Floor Health will be offered by Melanya Gonshoworski


Anna Meier class 3.JPG

Learn how to coax the pigment from a variety of leaves to create beautiful prints on silk and wool scarves. This course will cover the basics of eco-printing from pre-mordanting your fabric, to plant selection, how to roll or fold for optimal prints, steaming vs. boiling, and more. Come and experience the magic of the reveal, unbundling your scarf to reveal anywhere from the coral red shades left by eucalyptus leaves, the pale pink of Japanese maple, or the black tinged prints from leaves dipped in iron. This class will have you heading for the thrift store to buy your own steamer!

Eco-printing will be offered by Anna Meier

EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance

Swirl Moore-offering 2.png

EDGU is a spinal maintenance movement series that is told through story. A fun and invigorating way to feel good and keep the spine flexible and young. The series is designed to flex and toggle each vertebrae therefore lubricating the spine with cerebral spinal fluid, this helps us feel vital and more alive.  EDGU can be practiced while sitting or standing or even in a wheel chair, there are no contra-indications for this work. This means anyone, big or small, any age and experiencing any physical condition, can practice EDGU and receive the awesome benefits from this maintenance series.

EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance is offered by Swirl Moore

Embodied Nature: An Amba Movement Journey into a Woman's Wilderness

Hannah Grasso - class offering.png

Within every woman's body, there is a unique & sacred wilderness. Come on an elemental movement journey guiding you home to your truest essence, vibrant heart, wild instinct and pure love of life with embodied movement, breath, sound, touch, dance, and an earth resonance meditation with crystal bowls.

Embodied Nature: An Amba Movement Journey into a Woman's Wilderness will be offered by Hannah Grasso

Freedom Through Connection; The Medicine of the Mushroom

polly christopher hodge.jpg

What are the local medicinal mushrooms, and what are the biological mechanisms that generate so much physical and spiritual healing? Mushrooms are leading the way, breaking down the old world to allow room for the new world to grow. This is the medicine of connection and decomposition- Join Dolly in ceremony and discussion to explore the symbolic and literal medicine of the mushroom, as we heal ourselves to heal the world, with mushrooms as the teachers.

Freedom Through Connection; The Medicine of the Mushroom will be offered by Dolly Sorenson

Freeing the Divine Feminine: A 4 day Journey thru the Physical and Soul Chakras to Activate your True Authentic Nature

Lightworker Liv class.jpeg

Freeing the Divine Feminine is offered by Lightworker Liv

This workshop will take place over a 4 day period. Those who come to this workshop are highly encouraged to commit to coming for all 4 days as this is an activation journey into a never before part of yourself that has yet to have been. The four parts of the workshop have 4 themes and in each theme we will follow the spirit of the chakras that embody this theme. We will heal the collective divine feminine on 4 levels and it will be an initiation for us as well as for Gaia. You will learn the chakra system 1-32. You will understand who your light family is and what light codes you bring into the world. You will learn how to clear your own Akashic records, how to use yoga to activate inner child healing, how to use shamanic breath to clear and cleanse your chakras, and so much more. This is going to be an extremely potent journey and if you have been wanting to activate your galactic shaman divine feminine badass self then this 4 day journey is for you. Bring a blank journal and some pens. Bring your favorite crystals and anything else you feel called to put on our alter space.

Ganjasana: Cannabis Plant Spirit Ceremony

Rachael Carlevale Class.JPG

Ganjasana: Cannabis Plant Spirit Ceremony will be offered by Rachael Carlevale

A transformative experience honoring the wisdom of the natural world; learn how to listen to the spirit of the cannabis plant, detect the roots of your imbalance, and directly communicate and build relations with plant spirit allies to live a life in balance with nature. Discover tools and medicinal approaches rooted in ancient shamanic practices including plant aspersions and atonements; and learn technical skills on how to work with various cannabis genetic cultivars, including the endocannabinoid system, conscious consumption, and methods of cultivation. Founded on the principles of permaculture, we honor and commune with cannabis that is grown with regenerative agricultural practices and sustainably conscious methods that are mindful of the health of the plant, the environment, and the people. Ceremonies are designed to model traditional approaches to plant communication, from soil to flower, and guide individuals to connect with the earth and their most authentic selves for holistic healing.

Healing through Intuitive Eating

Paige Doyle-offering.jpg

Learn how to delve into the innate wisdom of your body by listening to its emotional and nutritional needs. All too often we base our self-love and self-worth on our bodies, or the way we think others perceive our bodies. This class will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to eat intuitively based on your own body's unique needs. We will be discussing disordered eating and body dysmorphia as well. Break away from the diet culture and learn how to respect and heal your body through intuitive eating!

Healing through Intuitive Eating will offered by Paige Doyle

Herbal Medicine for Women's Wellness

cambelle logan class.JPG

Join us for an exploration of herbal medicine for women’s health. We will learn about the top herbal allies for female bodies, and how to work with them to resolve common health issues such as PMS, painful cramps, yeast infections, UTI’s and more. We will also discuss herbal preparations specific to women’s bodies, and learn the basics of herbal medicine for pregnancy and postpartum.

Herbal Medicine for Women's Wellness will be offered by Cami Logan

Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle

Sam Rea Class.jpg

Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle is offered by Sam Rea

The Herbal medicine making sister circle is a sacred class space where woman can make medicine together using the wise woman tradition. The session opens with a simple 20 min breath & movement Practice, opening & grounding the body, helping clear away blocks and arrive in her body, so that we can become a vessel to channel our creative force as Women. We will journey with creative enhancing herbs such as Cacao, or Holy Basil, invoking the creative goddess within, tuning in to what intention or medicine each person feels called to create. I will go over demonstrations on how to infuse herbs in oil, honey, or menstrums to create tinctures, and herbal smoke blends. We will then be creating intentional and vibration herbal medicine with our hands that comes from our truth and intuition. I will also be going over the different benefits of the herbs we will be using such as herbs for intuition, grounding, heart chakra, anti bacterial, consciousness shifters, and more!! The intention behind this workshop is to learn ancient traditions on herbal medicine making, so we can continue to pass on these traditions to the generations to come and to empower the wise medicine woman within.

Holding Space for Healing


This will be a safe space, for any wombyn who feels called, to come listen, hold space, and/or share stories of their experience with abortion. We will create a ritual space together, and open up space for anything that wants to be moved, shared, released, or held, to do so.

Image by @hanakomimiko

Holding Space for Healing will be offered by Emma Meyers

Holistic Womb + Pelvic Healing

$125-150 (sliding scale)/60-90min (time varies)

Bethany Langer - spa offering.jpg

Offered by Bethany Wilde in the Wellness Spa

Womb + Pelvic Healing sessions are co-created, depending on where you're at at this time, and include internal and/or external pelvic bodywork. The foundational practices I work with come from both the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal (and Uterine) Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care, combined with my own intuitive use of energy medicine and spiritual healing. The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal (and Uterine) Therapy, is an ancient and intuitive therapy that addresses positioning and energy flow in the abdominal and pelvic organs, and sacral area. Helps with scar tissue and adhesions from surgeries, other female issues such as endometriosis, infertility and painful periods as well as being a central part of well-women care for all females. Holistic Pelvic Care, developed by Tami Kent, author of Wild Feminine, works with the pelvic bowl and restores imbalances on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Through gentle internal work, pelvic muscles are assessed and treated through myofascial release, trigger point work, breathwork and visualization tools. Womb + Pelvic Healing is beneficial for women in all stages of life, but you may find it especially potent if you are seeking any of the following: - You are pregnant and wanting to prepare for birth physically, emotionally and spiritually - You are wanting to conceive and seeking to prepare your womb space for this new life - You are seeking a physical and/or emotional aid to recovery after birth - You have experienced sexual trauma, have undergone extensive counseling and are seeking the next step to re-patterning your physical and energetic body - You feel disconnected from your pelvic bowl, creativity, deep energy and/or femininity - You are seeking deeper healing from a miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or pregnancy loss - You have been struggling with menstrual or reproductive issues of any kind Sessions also include transmission of knowledge of self-care at-home tools (may include self-massage, herbal pelvic steams, castor oil packs, jade egg practice) and a gift.

Indigo Basics

Anna Meier class 2.jpg

Come learn how to mix an indigo fermentation vat using the 1-2-3 method. The process is as simple as making yogurt or baking bread, and before you know it both your hands and your whole closet will be blue! Indigo is a shy dye that does not go where it is not invited, which makes it ideal for resist techniques. Learn the ancient art of Shibori, a variety of techniques that bind the fabric to create beautiful patterns when dyed.

Indigo Basics offered by Anna Meier

Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance

Adelaide Marcus class 2.jpg

Our bellies carry profound emotions and insight. Adelaide specializes in sharing belly/womb dance as a healing art form, blending elements of qi gong, playfulness and ritual. You will learn the rich historical significance of this “right of passage” as well as explore meditations, metaphors, mudras and movements that help you tune into your sensuality and innate womb wisdom. This workshop focuses on elongating the vertebrae, clearing stuck energy in the tummy, finding core-stability and creating a healthy integrated channel from spine to mind. Adelaide’s masterful teaching will guide you into embodying the dance by dropping you deeper into YOUR body and wise womb.

Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance will be offered by Adelaide Marcus

Integrative Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage

I offer a safe and sacred space where together you and I, deepen in connection to self and the power of touch. This integrative session incorporates applied presence, deep listening, with breadth of therapeutic approaches to meet your needs. From subtle energetic attunement to deep tissue structural work, releasing what no longer serves followed by restoration. I am here, open to give love and service to your body, mind, heart and soul in the process of your own healing.

Integrative Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage is offered by Julia Gotico in the wellness spa

Sliding scale of $40-60 an hour, I am open to trades of all sorts, here and willing to give to those who’s body is calling in deeper healing. Let’s communicate, negotiate, co-create, and celebrate together!

Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery

Mika D class.jpeg

Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery will be offered by Mikhel and Rachael

Rachael and Mikhel welcome new and experienced folks to Traditional Archery and our open range again this year.

Each day of the gathering, two class sessions will be offered. Class structure includes instruction and demonstration, though the majority of class time will be dedicated to hands-on practice and guidance on the range. Students will leave class knowing proper archery form and technique, safety and conduct on a range, proper care and respect of the equipment, and the Zen of Archery.

All ages, levels of experience, and variations of abilities are welcome. Shirene, Rachael’s daughter of nine years old, will be joining us at the range to help guide youth archery.

The range is open from sun-up to sundown. Use of the range with your own equipment is available during all open hours.

Intuitive Handpoke Tattoo

Intuitive Handpoke Tattoo will be offered by Mary Campbell

Mary will be offering mini handpoke intuitive tattoo sessions at Origins this year! These collaborative pieces are created with intention and infused with prayer - it is Mary’s hope for these tattoos to feel like (re)discovery of what is already present in the body and soul, an exploration of past, present, future, and the swirl of Spirit within in it all. They are a celebration of mystery, fluidity, and affirmation of one’s innate wholeness. These sessions involve curiosity and trust in the process: You sit together and begin the session in conversation and the burning of palo santo, moving into what feels potent to invite into the space and tattoo. From there, if it feels right, there is invitation to ground the tattoo in card exploration, using cards as a tool for opening and further reflection. When ready, you enter into the design process, where Mary draws directly onto your body and you work together to discover how the tattoo moves and what wants to be revealed in the piece. These two hour sessions will be smaller tattoos (2-5 inches) but they can always be added onto at a later time as well!

Intuitive Soul Readings & Energy Healing

$60 - $100 per hour

Molly Oraya McClellan - Spa Offering.png

Offered by Molly McClellan in the Wellness Spa

I combine intuitive soul readings with energy healing to create a modality I call Sacred Soul Alchemy. My sessions are supportive and healing on all levels, depending on your greatest need. Sacred Soul Alchemy is very integrative and supports feelings of connection, groundedness and inner knowing. It can repattern traumas and unravel blocks. It immerses people in their unique soul light, which is incredibly nourishing and clarifying. It brings people in touch with themselves and reconnects us to that which has be lost or fragmented. Each session is unique to the persons needs and intentions. Most sessions are done in a seated position. The energy healing comes through from the infinite wellspring of love within each of us without physical touch. A gentle & present energetic touch can also be a powerful way to share the beauty of this work.

Invoking the Whore

Portia class Invoking the Whore - .jpg

Art by Albrecht Dürer : The Whore of Babylon, 1498

Invoking the Whore will be offered by Portia Richardson

In this offering we will seek to connect with our inner sacred Whore and call her forth to act as a guiding force in our lives.

- We will examine the oppression of womxn’s sensual creative power and aim to reconnect and reclaim what the whore represents by exploring the ancient herstory of the whore's crucial role in sacred union with the Divine through embodied experience. 
- We discuss the patriarchal smear campaign of womxn's power through the use derogatory words and defaming of wild feminine archetypes - and learn how to purge our minds and bodies of this internalize misogyny and reclaim what is rightfully ours!
- We will invite in practices of embodiment as a tool for deconstructing patriarchal influence through somatic experiencing and intuitive movement.
- We will discuss body + sex positivity, body literacy, body autonomy, consent, being seen/visible, self-pleasure ritual, breaking the taboos, the role and rights of sex workers, more topics that arise out of our group!
- We will realign to our collective truth via a group healing ritual. 

Come prepared to caress the soft edges of your wild feminine and rediscover and awaken your latent sacred power. You will leave with practical skills for connecting to your dynamic, change-making force and a renewed commitment to everyday acts of lustful embodied worship of the Divine.

This class is for anyone identifying on the feminine spectrum and/or nonbinary.

Note: I have consulted with sex workers on the content of this course with the intention of uplifting and amplifying sex worker rights. For more information on these issues I encourage you to check out the work of SWOP USA. And watch the TED Talk by Juno Mac called "The laws that sex workers really want."

Love Light + Whiteness

Portia class- Love Light + Whiteness - .jpg

Love, Light + Whiteness will be offered by Portia Richardson

NOTE: I has consulted with a team of BIPOC folx on the contents of this class. Furthermore, this class intentionally focused on the harmful effects of whiteness with the intention of helping folx see the impact of white supremacy within eclectic spiritual communities. To break the haze, so to speak. However, I also want to acknowledge that white centering is a pattern within white supremacy – and I offer this class with this understanding and transparency. We can not dismantle or decenter what we are blind to – and I see this class as a first step in the process of on-going anti-racism work – with the goal of ultimately de-centering whiteness. When I’ve had participants in the class that identify as BIPOC, I have set group boundaries that support BIPOC to share personal experiences and insights only if they chose to do so – being mindful not to add pressure on BIPOC participants to teach or carry the emotional labor for the group. Likewise, I’ve added boundaries for WP in mixed classes to be mindful of how they are tending to their white fragility – requesting folx step out of the circle and take space if they become overwhelmed, and I’ve followed up after class – so as not to center white fragility during class time. This is an on-going process and I’m open to continued refinements, adjustments, and feedback.

This workshop will critically examining the racist roots of white spiritual eclecticism. It is meant to agitate, disorient, and deprogram the influence of white supremacy within the new age movement, neopaganism, urban shamanism, western esotericism, witchcraft, and the spiritual-wellness industry.

In this workshop we will:

- Define and explore fundamental concepts of anti-racism work.
- Examine the historically violent role whiteness has played in shaping various modern spiritual paths that have gained popularity among white mystics and seekers.
- Discuss white spiritual eclecticism and tease apart what it means to spirituality bypass the effects of whiteness, including highlighting common examples of belief systems and behaviors that perpetuate white violence.
- Discuss ways to increase personal and communal accountably to BIPOC as we work to dismantle white supremacy.
- Intentionally take time to feel and witness the ancestral embodied trauma of racism through gentle somatic healing work and sacred speaking-listening practices.
- Examine how and why anti-racism work must be an integral part of spiritual activism.
- Offer support for each other in walking our spiritual paths with integrity, clear vision, and purpose.

Facilitated by: Portia Richardson.

Lymphatic Breast Massage


Leah Hughes - offering.jpg

Offered by Leah Hughes in the Wellness Spa

When you book a massage, you will receive a full check on each breast as well as education that will inform your specific self care practices to take home.

Making Medicine using your IntuWitchin

Emilee Amara- class offering.jpeg

This class is a DIY, hands on experience. Participants will learn about and be tasting herbal vinegars and de-constructing Fire Cider. Using their own “IntuWitchin” they will formulate their own Oxymel. We will also be making Beauty Masks with Honey and discussing important herbs in my Beauty Apothecary. $15 supply fee- includes (2) 2 Oz dropper bottles, plants, honey, and 4 Oz jar.

Making Medicine using your IntuWitchin is offered by Emilee Amara

Menstrual Moon Magic

Brittney Bliss class 2.jpg

Menstrual Moon Magic will be offered by Brittney Bliss

In Menstrual Moon Magic we will demystify our sacred cycles through medicine that alchemizes our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is time to remember the wisdom of the menstrual and the lunar cycles. In this workshop you will learn how to flow through each season in bliss. Our sacred cycles are a gifts that can empower us to renew ourselves each month, to manifest and create the world around us, to cleanse and release, to connect deeply with Mama Earth, and to express our innate wisdom. It is time to reclaim and show reverence to our source of creative, spiritual, sexual, emotional, and physical energies.

Minimalist Shoemaking

Onaia Love - offering.jpeg

Your feet carry you through this life, how are you loving and honoring them? Here’s your opportunity to hand make your very own pair of soft, durable, breathable footwear. We’ll be crafting a super minimalist, barefoot style, strappy “Mary Jane” made out of free range bison leather. You’ll learn how to design a custom template for your unique feetzies and how to assemble your shoes from start to finish by hand. Please bring cash for a small materials fee of $20. I look forward to making shoes with you! ❤️

Minimalist Shoemaking will be offered by Onaia Love

Natural Dyes: an Overview

Anna Meier class.jpg

Natural Dyes: an Overview will be offered by Anna Meier

For thousands of years the colors on cloth, baskets, paper, even houses came from plants, animals, and minerals, now they are synthesized in a lab. Come learn the ancient art of natural dyes and discover the secrets and gifts of plant color. Color lives in the everyday, find pink inside your lunchtime avocado pit, see yellow in the papery onion husks that line the supermarket bins, call forth oranges and reds from the roadside eucalyptus. In this overview we will cover the basics of the process such as, plant collection, mordanting, fiber choices, extraction methods, and dyeing methods as well as some resist techniques, ways to shift color after dyeing, and how to care for naturally dyed cloth.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Aminah Flower Moon class.JPG

In this class we will use herbs, flowers and nature elements to create ceremonial, sacred space and dive deeper within ourselves to hear what the plants have to teach us. Ceremony and gatherings will include plant meditation, ceremonial smudge bundle making, energetic womb healing using herbs & flowers.

Plant Spirit Medicine is offered by Aminah Flower Moon

Qigong for Peace & Wellness

Qigong for Peace & Wellness will be offered by Onaia Love

An offering to dedicate a few hours to having a conversation with our bodies and the universal energies around us through the moving meditation practice of Qigong. Revered in a China for thousands of years for its profound effects on the spiritual, mental and physical health of human BEings, Qigong is the cultivation and movement of blood or Qi (pronounced “chee”) through the body’s meridians (energy channels) by way of synchronized movement and breath. The style of Qigong Onaia offers was developed by her teacher to be accessible to everyone, especially beginners in Western culture.

I look forward to breathing with you. ❤️ Onaia


Ashley Ramos class.png

Through movement we remember...
In Qoya, we remember that as women, our essence is wise, wild and free! We will move through the wisdom of yoga, the wildness and creative expression in dance and the freedom to feel pleasure in the body through feminine movement.
No prior yoga or dance experience is required. Just an open heart, open mind and being as real and authentic as you are.

Qoya will be offered by Ashley Ramos

Re-Mothering: Tending the Wound+Balancing the Archetype

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 2.44.27 PM.png

How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go... a place of women, to help you learn the ways of women... a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself, A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself... waiting to be released... A place of women.... How might your life be different? -Judith Duerk Women’s work is all about moving through the blocks in our lives, healing old wounds, and reclaiming lost parts of ourselves. In this workshop will explore the Mother Archetype-in relationship with ourselves and other women, our own mothers, mother figures, and those we seek support from. Not all have ideal relationships with their Mothers, if any at all, and many of us carry shame from experiencing poverty, mental illness, abuse, loss, abandonment, being adopted, being unplanned or not having been born a “boy”. How might your life be different if you had received unconditional accepting love? In an effort to step into our power, release our trauma, and tend to our wounds, we will hold space for one another, as we work. We’ll experience nurturing and accepting love, discover the power of asking for what we need, releasing toxic relationships, and bringing into balance the powerful Mother energy we each carry within ourselves regardless of experience, upbringing, gender or identity. Please bring a journal and a sacred object to charge on the altar.

ReWilding the Voice: An Invitation to Sing and Free Your Inner Songstress

Mackenzie madrone - class offering.jpeg

Together we will explore our voices through simple exercises including deep listening, breathing, and toning. We will learn and share powerful songs to keep in our medicine bag to call upon in times of need. No Singing experience necessary! We will connect with the elementals and learn how to channel and receive songs from the earth and stars. We will explore light language and melodies that come to us to heal our bodies, mind, and spirit. We will call upon certain guides to learn how to move stagnant energy with Song. Giving breath to the unknown, we will learn through improvisation games and play, calling upon our childlike nature of awe and wonder to steep in the power of Song!

ReWilding the Voice: An Invitation to Sing and Free Your Inner Songstress will be offered by Mackenzie Madrone

Roots of Fiber Arts ~ Drop Spindle

Annyea Healy - class offering 2.jpg

In this workshop, we will take time to remember and honor the ancient art of fiber spinning. Participants will learn how to transform local, raw wool into freshly spun yarn. With busy, humble hands, we will learn about the history of fiber spinning, sing songs, and discuss the importance of keeping this craft alive. Students will leave the class with their very own skein of hand spun yarn, and enough knowledge and hands on experience to continue spinning with a drop spindle at home.

Roots of Fiber Arts ~ Drop Spindle will be offered by Annyea Healy

Roots of Fiber Arts~Spinning Wheel

Annyea Healy - class offering.jpg

This class is an opportunity to dive deeper into a fiber spinning practice and is reserved for people with some spinning experience. Each participant will be provided with their own spinning wheel to work on for the duration of the class, offering time to really drop in with the craft. It is a small, intimate class size, providing individuals with lots of 1 on 1 support. Learn and experiment with different kinds of animal fibers, wheels and various fiber processing tools, and gain enough confidence to carry this craft with confidence onward!

Roots of Fiber Arts~Spinning Wheel will be offered by Annyea Healy

Sacred Flow Yoga

Winter Jendayi-class offering 2.jpg

Opening with intention-setting and purification with healing plants, this yoga class will guide you on a journey within, as you flow through postures linked with your breath. Experience connection with the elements and natural world as you find alignment within the body and with the energies of the chakras, allowing them to facilitate a strengthening practice to warm and empower the body, before melting into lunar-inspired poses which open the body to flexibility, relaxation and meditation. This is an all-levels class which supports empowerment and nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

Sacred Flow Yoga will be offered by Winter Jendayi

Sacred Success Codes for Awakened Womxn

Dez Davis-class offering.JPG

Sacred Success Codes for Awakened Womxn will be offered by Dez Davis

As Awakened Womxn, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, & deliberate creators, we require $acred $paces to talk about, heal about, reclaim & reframe our relationship with WEALTH Creation.
The Sacred Success Codes workshop is designed for you to discover how to create the internal conditions necessary for you or your business to lead with Impact & THRIVE, not just survive. During this workshop you will be invited to re-activate the worthiness & embody the wealth consciousness necessary for you to move beyond collective or individual money wounds & into copious prosperity as a purpose driven Awakened Womxn entrepreneur.

Shamanic Facials & Lash Lifts

Facials-$45 (30min)

$60 (45 min w extractions)

$50 Lash Lift (includes a brow tweeze!)

Emilee Amara- class offering.jpeg

Offered by Emilee Amara in the Wellness Spa

Journey with Emilee Amara as she cleanses your skin and spirit. Using only organic ingredients from the apothecary, you will feel rejuvenated and beautiful. Allowing the drum to clear away any worry, doubt or fear you can surrender into the mystery of divine love. Lash lifts will also be available for the client who wants the perfect curl. Lasts 6-8 weeks!

Tending the Witch Wound

Portia class TtWW.jpg

Tending the Witch Wound will be offered by Portia Richardson

The witch wound is a meta-level pattern of disharmony and ancestral trauma held within our larger cultural bodies. It is the energetic imprint of colonization. It shows up on all levels of your being: mind, body, heart, spirit, community.

How it shows up on the individual level looks and feels different depending on your identity, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and experiences. But essentially, at the core of the witch wound there exists:

- An illusion of separateness
- A deep disconnect from your cultural lineage and ancient wisdom ways
- A profound level of disembodiment
- An oppression of your personal power and sovereignty
- A suppression of emotional expression
- A primal fear of speaking your truth to power and being seen
- A disenchantment with the belief in your intuitive abilities and capacity to sense subtle energies
- A mistrust of communal support
- A degradation of reciprocal, respectful relationships with the larger web of life

The witch wound disempowers, divides, cuts off, oppresses all of us in various ways from the inside out. Metaphorically speaking, I see the witch wound as a cultural forest fire that has spread around the world, leaving a long scar of terror.

For those with European ancestry, the wound is so old (thousands of years), the roots have all but withered away. The pattern has become internalized and self-perpetuating. The active burning has turned cold and numb. But underneath this frozeness the wound festers covertly through the illusion of systemic privilege.

For those who identify as black, indigenous, and/or people of color (BIPOC), the wound is relatively more recent in history (hundreds of years). The pattern is less internalized and the feeling of pain is more accessible within the cultural body of BIPOC. However, the cultural forests of BIPOC are still be being actively and overtly burned through systemic oppression.

Furthermore, the witch wound is woven from intersectional patriarchal wounds of sexual and gender politics; religious fundamentalism; classism and the rise of global capitalism; hyper-rationalism, materialism, and scientific dogma; and a heartbreaking disenchantment with magic and animistic ways of relating with all beings and the ancient entity we commonly call Mother Earth.

We must come together now and tend to it our wounding. Witches are wounded healers with the powers to transform individual and collective scars into sigils of reconnection.

We must regrow our forests once again – from the roots to the canopy and beyond.

We must release the old pattern, restore our power, reclaim our place within the whole, and reweave our relationships within the web of life.

In this offering we will:
- Explore the energy of the witch archetype cross-culturally, past and present – and discuss why the witch is trending currently.
- Discuss the history of witch hunts in Europe as connected to colonization of gender, the body, the earth, and land-based cultures globally.
- Describe the witch wound pattern of disharmony in detail and identify how it shows up for us as individuals and within our larger cultural bodies at this time.
- Invite in ways of tending this wound through wholistic practices rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science that help release, restore, reclaim, and reweave us from the inside out – back into our original forms and harmonize our mind, body, heart, spirit, and community.
- Engage in dynamic group discussions and experiential exercises to feel our witch wounds and begin to tend to them within our communal container.
- Co-create a ritual to honor our lineages of witches and resource the well of our ancestral magic.

This class is open to humans – all identities and presentations.

The Art of Lost Wax Casting

Natilie Michaels class.jpg

The Art of Lost Wax Casting will be offered by Natalie Michaels

For more information you can visit her website or find her on instagram @skullptress

Lost wax casting is an art-form that has been used for thousands of years. This ancient process casts a metal sculpture from an original wax sculpture. It is called lost wax casting, since the wax sculpture is lost in the process, which means the wax melts away and metal takes its place.

In this class, you will learn basic wax-smithing techniques to make an original sterling silver ring or pendent. We will work with hand tools and fire, to melt, build and carve wax into your own unique piece of handmade jewelry. You will be creating an exact wax replica of your eventual finished piece of jewelry.
At the end of the class you will have created a finished wax carving. Each individual creation will be casted into sterling silver at Natilie’s jewelry studio. You’re carving will be mailed to you as a finished piece of sterling silver jewelry.
Throughout the class, adornment creation myths and stories will be shared.
Through the ancient ritual of creating adornments, we can awaken and support our most authentic beautiful selfs.

The Origins of Pleasure: the Tantric Approach to Female Orgasm

Vidya Sofia Henderson- class offering.png

In this workshop we address the Tantric approach to orgasm within our bodies. The difference between orgasm where the energy is released versus retained will be explored, and techniques will be given to support having longer more profound orgasmic experiences. We will look at obstacles to our pleasure, and leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of our female anatomy, and how to tap into this amazing, powerful energy of pleasure.

The Origins of Pleasure: the Tantric Approach to Female Orgasm will be offered by Vidya Sofia

The Pussy Parlor

Bree Lauren Madre Mudra- Class Offering.jpeg

The Pussy Parlor will be curated and facilitated by Bree Lauren

The Pussy Parlor will be a daily experience taking place in the spa area of Origins. For intimacy's sake, limited space each day will be offered for womxn to join together for vaginal steams, vagay-cials, self grooming and a daily guest speaker covering topics such as holistic care for STD/STI's and infections, HPV awareness, electro-magnetic fields & our hormones, and more. The Pussy Parlor is a yummy sacred space to indulge in body awareness and self love in a supportive group container. Each participant will also have full access to the cedar sauna and outdoor shower.

Guest Speakers include:

Cami Logan

Melanya Gonshoworski

(more to come)

The Sexual Archetypes of the Five Elements

Vidya Sofia Henderson-class offering 2.jpg

In this workshop we will journey through the five elements, from earth to ether, exploring the sexual archetypes along the way. We will also look at how orgasm manifests differently according to each typology, and how this all relates to sexual chemistry in partnership. Obstacles to healing as they apply to each element will be addressed, and practical exercises will be given. Come and activate the elements within your own body, and leave with a greater understanding of your sexual temperament.

The Sexual Archetypes of the Five Elements will be offered by Vidya Sofia

unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance

adelaide veil structure - Adelaide Marcus class .jpg

The veil, a classic, simple and eloquent dance prop, opens the door to some uniquely sensual expressive movements. This workshop blends the element of wind, the veil with the element of fire, your passionate dance. Adelaide has quite a few mysterious veil “tricks” up her sleeve she will reveal along side some fundamental womb/belly dance wisdom that will anchor your momentum. The workshop will unveil the deep roots of this ritualistic feminine dance form as well as incorporate embodied visualization, spinning technique & core stabilization. You will dance away with a mini choreo you can keep in your magical pocket and play with for the rest of time! ☺

unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance is offered by Adelaide Marcus

Uploading the New Earth : Body as Channel

Portia class Uploading the New Earth.jpg

Art by Catherine Nelson.

Uploading the New Earth : Body as Channel will be offered by Portia Richardson

What does this title suggest? A lot of spiritual seekers nowadays want to learn how to hone the ability to channel healing energy into this earthly plane and bring balance to our collective system.This is wonderful! And needed!

However in order to do this we must each become embodied. Our bodies are containers that transmit energetic data. We must heal our colonialist bypass of the body - because it is only through the body that we are able to access the subtle realms of our collective consciousness and upload new patterns into our physical reality and reprogram our biology.

When we heal our relationship with our bodies we heal our relationship with the earth. The earth speaks to us through the body, because the body is of the earth. And we must listen - now more than ever!

Are you in your body? Can you feel your body? Do you listen to your body speak? What does your body want and need?

In this offering we will learn to harness our individual embodied experience as a portal - through which we are able to transmit multidimensional data and upload the emergent patterns needed to support harmony within our collective system.

We will engage in dynamic group discussions to dive into the topics below and explore embodiment rituals to hone our somatic awareness. You will gain practical skills to heal your relationship with your body and feel supported within the larger web of life.

We will explore the intersections among:
- Body-centered healing and somatic practices.
- Healing trauma - personal, communal, and ancestral.
- Consciousness and parapsychology research.
- Quantum physics and mysticism.
- Ritual work and magic practice.
- Sacred activism as it relates to the decolonization of body and earth justice.

Wear comfortable clothes. You may want to bring an extra blanket or pillow - or anything that will support your body to relax.

This class is open to humans - all identities and presentations.

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel

Winter Jendayi-class offering.jpeg

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel will be offered by Winter Jendayi

The Medicine Wheel, also known as the Sacred Hoop, is central to many indigenous walks of life and traditions. Through the wisdom this sacred wheel holds, we are able to find grounding and orientation so we may approach our life in alignment with the elemental cycles and the natural world, walking our prayers in our daily life.
Held in a ceremonial container and supported by the altar, Winter will share about the Medicine Wheel, the directions, the elements, and ways and practices in which we can deepen our connection with these energies and stand as the axis of this altar and wheel, in our life. This offering will include breath and movement practices, live music and sound healing, as well as elemental rituals with plant medicines such as tobacco, cedar and rose.
When we are oriented in our surroundings with understanding of the different influences this Wheel holds for us, we are able to navigate the seen and unseen realms calling on support when needed, and understanding the fullness of our being more clearly. When we are supported by the heart of the Earth and connected to the heart of the stars, our life force flows through us gracefully, allowing us to extend ourself outwards into the world through our heart space, the direction of within; the Heart of Hearts.

Yoni Egg Initiation

Brittney Bliss class.jpg

Yoni Egg Initiation is offered by Brittney Bliss

Yoni Egg Yoga is an awakening and restorative practice that alchemizes the art of self-love and sexual energy cultivation. This practice is designed to keep your sexual organs orgasmic and resilient. The word ‘yoni’ means sacred space in Sanskrit. A yoni egg is a gemstone that you can put inside your yoni (vagina) and do succulent practices with, like yoga but for your vagina. These practices strengthen and relax your pelvic floor, while re-sensitizing and awakening your sexual centers, allowing you can feel even more pleasure. Yoni Yoga contains a series of exercises that are specifically designed to train your pelvic floor to be able to relax and soften into pleasure and to contract and strengthen to support your vital organs. These practices awaken your sensuality, increase your orgasmic potential, release shame, trauma, and stuck emotions, balance hormones, and so much more.

In this workshop learn how to safely use a yoni egg and how to create your own revitalizing practice.

This workshop can be done with or without a yoni egg.

The Nose Knows

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 2.43.48 PM.png

The Nose Knows will be shared by Yasmeen Khan

To nose or not to knows ? Sense of smell has long been affiliated with memory and can bring us back to an exact moment in time; but in addition to this what other abilities do the nose and it’s channels possess.... in this class you will learn the psychological, physical, and spiritual implications of the nose and how we can use sense of smell to empower and balance our everyday of life ... come curious and leave with a personalized spritzer