Acorn Processing and Bread Baking

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We will start from the beginning of the process with an unprocessed acorn, cracking and de-shelling them, into the leaching process, and then on to the recipe for the bread baking. We will bake the bread in a cast iron and continue our class with discussion on the history of Acorn as food as well as sharing of our experience with the oak as an individual.

Acorn Processing and Bread Baking will be offered by Anna Henning

Awakening the Heart Through Movement and Sound

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This breath centered yoga class is a synergistic journey into meditation, movement and music. It is an opportunity for one to connect more to the essence of one’s heart and cultivate a deeper practice of self love. Each class will begin with connecting to ourselves and another individual through gentle partner yoga. This will aid in encouraging a harmonious synergy among the group. As we continue in our individual practice, we will tune into the rhythm of our hearts to drop in deeper to the connection of our bodies and breath. After we have cultivated our energy through movement we will direct our intention into our somatic bodies through the support of song and different sound healing instruments. We will take some time to further embody the abundance of self love we have cultivated. This class is designed to include all levels and is accessible to everyone.

Awakening the Heart Through Movement and Sound is offered by Kendal White


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Breathwave is simple and gentle offering that provides a deep experiential dive into Conscious Connected Breathing. The benefits of Breathwork extend far beyond the physical into the mental and emotional fields. Each person’s breath pattern is completely unique to their own life experience and can be seen as a metaphor for how they live their lives. Surrendering to the divine intelligence that is our breath, this technique allows life force to move where it once had been constricted allowing a gentle release of old holding patterns on all fields of experience.

Breathwave will be offered by Rhea Light


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Learn how to coax the pigment from a variety of leaves to create beautiful prints on silk and wool scarves. This course will cover the basics of eco-printing from pre-mordanting your fabric, to plant selection, how to roll or fold for optimal prints, steaming vs. boiling, and more. Come and experience the magic of the reveal, unbundling your scarf to reveal anywhere from the coral red shades left by eucalyptus leaves, the pale pink of Japanese maple, or the black tinged prints from leaves dipped in iron. This class will have you heading for the thrift store to buy your own steamer!

Eco-printing will be offered by Anna Meier

Freeing the Divine Feminine: A 4 day Journey thru the Physical and Soul Chakras to Activate your True Authentic Nature

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This workshop will take place over a 4 day period. Those who come to this workshop are highly encouraged to commit to coming for all 4 days as this is an activation journey into a never before part of yourself that has yet to have been. The four parts of the workshop have 4 themes and in each theme we will follow the spirit of the chakras that embody this theme. We will heal the collective divine feminine on 4 levels and it will be an initiation for us as well as for Gaia. You will learn the chakra system 1-32. You will understand who your light family is and what light codes you bring into the world. You will learn how to clear your own Akashic records, how to use yoga to activate inner child healing, how to use shamanic breath to clear and cleanse your chakras, and so much more. This is going to be an extremely potent journey and if you have been wanting to activate your galactic shaman divine feminine badass self then this 4 day journey is for you. Bring a blank journal and some pens. Bring your favorite crystals and anything else you feel called to put on our alter space.

Freeing the Divine Feminine is offered by Lightworker Liv

Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle

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The Herbal medicine making sister circle is a sacred class space where woman can make medicine together using the wise woman tradition. The session opens with a simple 20 min breath & movement Practice, opening & grounding the body, helping clear away blocks and arrive in her body, so that we can become a vessel to channel our creative force as Women. We will journey with creative enhancing herbs such as Cacao, or Holy Basil, invoking the creative goddess within, tuning in to what intention or medicine each person feels called to create. I will go over demonstrations on how to infuse herbs in oil, honey, or menstrums to create tinctures, and herbal smoke blends. We will then be creating intentional and vibration herbal medicine with our hands that comes from our truth and intuition. I will also be going over the different benefits of the herbs we will be using such as herbs for intuition, grounding, heart chakra, anti bacterial, consciousness shifters, and more!! The intention behind this workshop is to learn ancient traditions on herbal medicine making, so we can continue to pass on these traditions to the generations to come and to empower the wise medicine woman within.

Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle is offered by Sam Rea

Indigo Basics

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Come learn how to mix an indigo fermentation vat using the 1-2-3 method. The process is as simple as making yogurt or baking bread, and before you know it both your hands and your whole closet will be blue! Indigo is a shy dye that does not go where it is not invited, which makes it ideal for resist techniques. Learn the ancient art of Shibori, a variety of techniques that bind the fabric to create beautiful patterns when dyed.

Indigo Basics offered by Anna Meier

Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance

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Our bellies carry profound emotions and insight. Adelaide specializes in sharing belly/womb dance as a healing art form, blending elements of qi gong, playfulness and ritual. You will learn the rich historical significance of this “right of passage” as well as explore meditations, metaphors, mudras and movements that help you tune into your sensuality and innate womb wisdom. This workshop focuses on elongating the vertebrae, clearing stuck energy in the tummy, finding core-stability and creating a healthy integrated channel from spine to mind. Adelaide’s masterful teaching will guide you into embodying the dance by dropping you deeper into YOUR body and wise womb.

Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance will be offered by Adelaide Marcus

Menstrual Moon Magic

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In Menstrual Moon Magic we will demystify our sacred cycles through medicine that alchemizes our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is time to remember the wisdom of the menstrual and the lunar cycles. In this workshop you will learn how to flow through each season in bliss. Our sacred cycles are a gifts that can empower us to renew ourselves each month, to manifest and create the world around us, to cleanse and release, to connect deeply with Mama Earth, and to express our innate wisdom. It is time to reclaim and show reverence to our source of creative, spiritual, sexual, emotional, and physical energies.

Menstrual Moon Magic will be offered by Brittney Bliss

Natural Dyes: an Overview

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For thousands of years the colors on cloth, baskets, paper, even houses came from plants, animals, and minerals, now they are synthesized in a lab. Come learn the ancient art of natural dyes and discover the secrets and gifts of plant color. Color lives in the everyday, find pink inside your lunchtime avocado pit, see yellow in the papery onion husks that line the supermarket bins, call forth oranges and reds from the roadside eucalyptus. In this overview we will cover the basics of the process such as, plant collection, mordanting, fiber choices, extraction methods, and dyeing methods as well as some resist techniques, ways to shift color after dyeing, and how to care for naturally dyed cloth.

Natural Dyes: an Overview will be offered by Anna Meier

Plant Spirit Medicine

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In this class we will use herbs, flowers and nature elements to create ceremonial, sacred space and dive deeper within ourselves to hear what the plants have to teach us. Ceremony and gatherings will include plant meditation, ceremonial smudge bundle making, energetic womb healing using herbs & flowers.

Plant Spirit Medicine is offered by Aminah Flower Moon


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Through movement we remember...
In Qoya, we remember that as women, our essence is wise, wild and free! We will move through the wisdom of yoga, the wildness and creative expression in dance and the freedom to feel pleasure in the body through feminine movement.
No prior yoga or dance experience is required. Just an open heart, open mind and being as real and authentic as you are.

Qoya will be offered by Ashley Ramos

unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance

adelaide veil structure - Adelaide Marcus class .jpg

The veil, a classic, simple and eloquent dance prop, opens the door to some uniquely sensual expressive movements. This workshop blends the element of wind, the veil with the element of fire, your passionate dance. Adelaide has quite a few mysterious veil “tricks” up her sleeve she will reveal along side some fundamental womb/belly dance wisdom that will anchor your momentum. The workshop will unveil the deep roots of this ritualistic feminine dance form as well as incorporate embodied visualization, spinning technique & core stabilization. You will dance away with a mini choreo you can keep in your magical pocket and play with for the rest of time! ☺

unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance is offered by Adelaide Marcus

Yoni Egg Initiation

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Yoni Egg Yoga is an awakening and restorative practice that alchemizes the art of self-love and sexual energy cultivation. This practice is designed to keep your sexual organs orgasmic and resilient. The word ‘yoni’ means sacred space in Sanskrit. A yoni egg is a gemstone that you can put inside your yoni (vagina) and do succulent practices with, like yoga but for your vagina. These practices strengthen and relax your pelvic floor, while re-sensitizing and awakening your sexual centers, allowing you can feel even more pleasure. Yoni Yoga contains a series of exercises that are specifically designed to train your pelvic floor to be able to relax and soften into pleasure and to contract and strengthen to support your vital organs. These practices awaken your sensuality, increase your orgasmic potential, release shame, trauma, and stuck emotions, balance hormones, and so much more.

In this workshop learn how to safely use a yoni egg and how to create your own revitalizing practice.

This workshop can be done with or without a yoni egg.

Yoni Egg Initiation is offered by Brittney Bliss