Adelaide Marcus

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Adelaide celebrates life through art and expressive movement. Born of Syrian blood, Adelaide grew up near song and dance from the womb. She made her way into the spotlight moving to San Diego in 2005 to create “The Shimmy Sisters” Middle Eastern Dance Company with her blood sister. Her career in entertainment carved the path to becoming an international performing artist and distinguished teacher. Her passion and her profession are one of the same, and include fire dancing, snake charming, mermaiding, modeling, painting and more! She has appeared on multiple reality TV shows, performed and taught worldwide, produced numerous events and taught countless classes. More recently she has combined "Womb Wisdom" explorations with her Belly Dance classes & workshops to bring forward the nourishing sacred aspects of this feminine ritual. Adelaide’s life experiences and unique way of being are a reflection of the immense effort she is willing to put forward to share what she loves most with the world!

Adelaide will be offering Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance and unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance

Aminah Flower Moon

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Herbalist. Spiritualist. Healer. Earth Woman. Keeper of the Sacred. Child of the Ancestors. This is who & what I am and embody. I keep my hands and feet in dirt to connect to the earth. Much of the wisdom I have received is from my ancestors through my intuition and everything I do in these present times is because they move through me...
I am here in these present times to remind humanity that we have to start thinking and living in a more sustainable way and reconnecting to the earth to be our healer and to in turn heal the earth. I view healing ourselves with the earth as a radical act of self love and by loving and healing ourselves, we love and heal the earth because we are the earth! I am aware of the universal truth that food, wild plants, herbs and tree resins are our medicine, both spiritually & physically. I have been chosen by the earth and my ancestors to assist in bringing my community back into this knowledge to realign with the sacred spiral that exists in everything within the planet that has the spark of life.
I am here to anchor in ancestral healing remedies. I am here to anchor in Melanated, Indigenous, Tribal Wisdom. I am here to be of service to our Earth Womb and to humanity.....

Aminah Flower Moon will be offering Plant Spirit Medicine

Anna Henning

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Anna is an artist of many sorts, specializing in painting and ceramics but her passion trickles over into the subjects of food, land tending, and natural building. As regards to the oak tree, she has a deep relationship with this tree, dating back to her days as a toddler, cracking open the shells of the bulbous and pregnant nuts, gathering the contents into a pile and play making yummy mud pies with the "cheese" sprinkled on top. These days, you can find her baking her yummy acorn concoctions in a more edible manner, in the oven or open fire. Anna lives with her partner in Mendocino County, California, living very close off of the land and enjoying her time tending various gardens as well as the forest surrounding her, tanning animal hides, practicing herbalism and ancestral skills, playing in the forest, painting, and natural building. She travels often, exploring the old and ancient sites throughout the world, from Spain to Colorado and beyond into the west. She loves all things old, and loves to bring it back to this time and place, giving reverence to the people who came before often through prayer and offerings. She also strongly reveres her family, and she gives her credit to her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother for the gifts of knowledge on baking and food preservation.

Anna Henning will be offering Acorn Processing and Bread Baking

Anna Meier

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Anna Meier is an artist living and working in Northern California. She received her BFA in Fibers from the Oregon College of Art and Craft and her MFA in sculpture at the University of Miami. Working in multiple mediums, Meier focuses on blurring the lines between art, society, and the natural world to create beneficial and eye opening experiences. Each of her projects is an attempt to understand how art and creative work can make a positive impact on society and deepen our understanding of our place in the natural world. Meier teaches ceramics and fiber arts full time at an inclusive art center.

Anne Meier will be offering Natural Dyes: an Overview, Indigo Basics, and Eco-printing

Ashley Ramos

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Ashley Ramos is an Oakland based yoga teacher, reiki master, and Qoya initiated teacher. These are the same tools that she practices and believes that it connects her to her highest Self. Ashley is passionate about women’s health, connecting and honoring the feminine energy. As a registered nurse, she was driven to take a yoga teacher training in order to learn more about what happens to the women’s body during prenatal and postnatal in a much more holistic stand point. As a lover of dance, she discovered Qoya, where she was able to connect deeper to the Divine Feminine and the essence of herself being wise, wild and free.

Ashley will be offering Qoya

Brittney Bliss

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Brittney is a holistic wellness educator (B.S) and sacred sexuality coach (@sexwithbliss). She teaches pleasure based, inclusive, and positive sexual health education.

She hosts international workshops, online courses, ceremonies, gatherings, and retreats on sacred sexual wellness, womb wisdom, orgasmic living, menstrual cycles, yoni eggs, sex magick, ecstatic dance, plant medicine, and wilderness therapy.  She believes in the power of connecting with nature, to remember our true nature, and to live in harmony with Mama Nature. She mixes the best of all worlds to create wholistic mind, body, and soul transformational experiences all over the world.

Brittney will be offering Menstrual Moon Magic and Yoni Egg Initiation

Lightworker Liv

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Lightworker Liv is a digital shaman and chakra genie serving the world with her psychic intuitive gifts. After studying massage therapy and shamanic counseling for a year liv embarked on her journey to be with her twin flame life partner. The more she became in alignment with her authentic divine feminine essence the easier it became to receive love. Liv has developed her shamanic healing gifts thru intense self study and isolation as well as practicing her spiritual truths with her two children who joined her journey as well. Liv holds space for Lightworkers who are tired of holding back, and are ready to make their bold, brave, and beyond basic dreams come true. She is the founder and creatrix of The Chakra Genie Method TM.

Lightworker Liv will be offering Freeing the Divine Feminine: A 4 day Journey thru the Physical and Soul Chakras to Activate your True Authentic Nature

Kendal White

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Kendal’s mission in life is to share love, light and healing through movement, music, and art. After obtaining her bachelors degree in Global Studies at UCSB she continued her studies of self-inquiry and pursued the path of yoga. She is a certified Yoga and Acroyoga instructor, multi-instrumentalist, body artist and lover of life. With a foundation in Martial Arts, Kendal brings forth devotion and intention to her daily practices, cultivating strength mentally and physically. Over the last six years Kendal has traveled extensively around the globe studying under some of the principle founders of AcroYoga and Yoga of Heart within the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Yoga has gifted her the exploration of movement and breath, an outlet for creative expression, and a strong sense of community. She is an eternal student, empowering people of all ages and walks of life to explore and embody their highest self.

Kendal will be offering Awakening the Hearth Through Movement and Sound

Rhea Light

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Rhea is a certified Breathwave and Advanced EFT Facilitator with a focus on trauma release and pattern integration. She completed her first Conscious Connected Breathwork training in 2014. Since then, she has assisted in the facilitation of Teacher Trainings under the close mentorship of her teacher, Robin Clements. She offers a weekly breath practice in Nevada City and the bay area and works with clients one on one. Her offering is non-denominational and rooted in metta or loving kindness. Through her facilitation, she intends to create a heart-centered space in which the breather can safely surrender to the divine intelligence of this simple yet powerfully healing tool.

Rhea will be offering Breathwave

Sam Rea

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Sam Rea is the creator and founder of Earthess Herbs & Healing, an Integrative Shakti Reiki practitioner, and Amba Women's Movement Embodiment instructor. Sam's family lineage is from Mexico and first began studying Latino Herbalism in Costa Rica . A graduate of The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, The Wise Womb Medicine Path, and Amba Women’s School of Embodiment, she share her passion through ancestral earth-based teachings and crafts to her local community in Los Angeles, Ca. With plant spirit medicine, movement, reiki, and sound healing, she facilitates healing circles, empowering women to stay grounded and connected to themselves, while accessing their inner power, and intuitive, creative life force within.

Sam will be offering Herbal Medicine Making Sister Circle