Adelaide Marcus

Adelaide Marcus.jpg

Adelaide celebrates life through art and expressive movement. Born of Syrian blood, Adelaide grew up near song and dance from the womb. She made her way into the spotlight moving to San Diego in 2005 to create “The Shimmy Sisters” Middle Eastern Dance Company with her blood sister. Her career in entertainment carved the path to becoming an international performing artist and distinguished teacher. Her passion and her profession are one of the same, and include fire dancing, snake charming, mermaiding, modeling, painting and more! She has appeared on multiple reality TV shows, performed and taught worldwide, produced numerous events and taught countless classes. More recently she has combined "Womb Wisdom" explorations with her Belly Dance classes & workshops to bring forward the nourishing sacred aspects of this feminine ritual. Adelaide’s life experiences and unique way of being are a reflection of the immense effort she is willing to put forward to share what she loves most with the world!

Adelaide will be offering Integrated ~ Spine to Mind: Womb Wisdom Belly Dance and unVEILing the Mysteries ~ of Womb/Belly Dance


Aisha - offering.jpg

IAM a Sacred Wombman
Womb Healing Nutritionist / Herbalist
Plantbased Chef
Practitioner of Ancient Altar

Aisha will be offering Altar Magik: Sacred Space for Life, Death and Rebirth

Alexandria Rodriguez-Gregory

Alexandria Rodriguez-Gregory.jpeg

Alexandria is a born and raised Nevada County Hispanic woman. She is a hair and makeup artist who has devoted her self to the magical woman who sit in her chair. She promotes self love and growth above all else with a specialty in curly/ wavey hair. Her unlimited goal is to create a moment for relaxation in your busy schedules!

Alexandria will be offering Creative pussy hair color in the Wellness Spa

Alyssa Keys

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 10.27.07 PM.png

Alyssa will be offering Awaken Your Wild Feminine: Photoshoots around the Wellness Spa or any other area within the gathering that calls to you

Alyssa Keys hase been a professional photographer since 2013.

She grew up in Portland, Oregon where I filled my life with creativity, now resides in Grass Valley, California, and will travel anywhere for love. Photography is more than just an art form for her, it is a spirit of self-discovery and connection that fuels her life in powerful ways. Her passion in life is photographing people in love, nature hikes with expansive views, dips in the Yuba River, paddle-boarding majestic lakes and discovering vintage fashion. She lives a life of magic and adventure, traveling the west coast and beyond, chasing waterfalls and stunning landscapes.

Alyssa often gets asked how she got into photography. Growing up she was creative in many ways and loved to capture photos with her family’s 35mm camera. She loved the surprise of not knowing what you were going to get. When the photos were developed, she was always excited to see how they turned out. Through these experiences, she naturally became a photographer. Alyssa then went on to study photography in college and the essence of natural lighting. Since then, she have always had a camera in her hand, capturing people in their true form.

She finds magic in every movement and never fail to be one of the most excited people in the room. She has a strong connection to music. It fills her life and she always has the right playlist for her photo sessions. Alyssa specializes in creating a relaxed yet dynamic environment to help with any nervous feelings that may arise from the experience of being in front of a camera. Though this connected style of shooting, she’s able to capture the essence of who her clients are while maintaining the authenticity of the moment.

Alyssa would absolutely love to be your photographer!

Send her an email and introduce yourself.

“Let’s create something beautiful together!”

Amanda Fischer

Amanda Fischer.jpg

Amanda will be offering Art in Natural Building

Amanda Fischer is the founder and organizer of Muddy Hands, a Director of the Natural Living Design & Build Team Inc and Director of the Natural Living School Inc. She is a designer, teacher, builder, project manager, adventurer, traveler and avid learner of all things interesting! Amanda has been designing, building and teaching conscious and sustainable structures for over 6 years. Prior to this, she attended university and holds a Masters of Architecture with a focus on Interior Architecture & Design and a minor in Business. She taught as a Professor in universities on the east coast prior to moving to Northern California where she obtained a certification as a Sustainable Building Advisor in San Francisco. This certification guides her in promoting sustainability through all stages of our built environments. It also guided her to passionately dive into the Natural Building industry which she has been specifically focused on for the last years. Upon diving into the natural building realm, she has had the pleasure of learning from and co-instructing with Michael Smith author of the Hand Sculpted House. She volunteered her time learning as much as she could during the beginning stages of her journey and has ambitiously embarked on teaching and building with these amazing natural building techniques. Amanda has worked on structures throughout Northern California and Thailand; teaching these skills to all enthusiasts that come her way.

Amanda’s passion focuses on the art of empowerment through the use of natural and renewable materials to create spaces. As an ever evolving teacher, builder and designer Amanda focuses on creating built environments that inspire deeper relationships with the land, habitat and home by utilizing natural and locally sourced materials to create spirit filled spaces! Education and community are extremely important to her; she continues to teach workshops in California and beyond spreading the love and knowledge that reconnects us and home.

Amanda is currently building and teaching in Nevada County, California.

Aminah Flower Moon

Aminah Flower Moon.JPG

Herbalist. Spiritualist. Healer. Earth Woman. Keeper of the Sacred. Child of the Ancestors. This is who & what I am and embody. I keep my hands and feet in dirt to connect to the earth. Much of the wisdom I have received is from my ancestors through my intuition and everything I do in these present times is because they move through me...
I am here in these present times to remind humanity that we have to start thinking and living in a more sustainable way and reconnecting to the earth to be our healer and to in turn heal the earth. I view healing ourselves with the earth as a radical act of self love and by loving and healing ourselves, we love and heal the earth because we are the earth! I am aware of the universal truth that food, wild plants, herbs and tree resins are our medicine, both spiritually & physically. I have been chosen by the earth and my ancestors to assist in bringing my community back into this knowledge to realign with the sacred spiral that exists in everything within the planet that has the spark of life.
I am here to anchor in ancestral healing remedies. I am here to anchor in Melanated, Indigenous, Tribal Wisdom. I am here to be of service to our Earth Womb and to humanity.....

Aminah Flower Moon will be offering Plant Spirit Medicine

Anna Henning

Anna Henning.JPG

Anna is an artist of many sorts, specializing in painting and ceramics but her passion trickles over into the subjects of food, land tending, and natural building. As regards to the oak tree, she has a deep relationship with this tree, dating back to her days as a toddler, cracking open the shells of the bulbous and pregnant nuts, gathering the contents into a pile and play making yummy mud pies with the "cheese" sprinkled on top. These days, you can find her baking her yummy acorn concoctions in a more edible manner, in the oven or open fire. Anna lives with her partner in Mendocino County, California, living very close off of the land and enjoying her time tending various gardens as well as the forest surrounding her, tanning animal hides, practicing herbalism and ancestral skills, playing in the forest, painting, and natural building. She travels often, exploring the old and ancient sites throughout the world, from Spain to Colorado and beyond into the west. She loves all things old, and loves to bring it back to this time and place, giving reverence to the people who came before often through prayer and offerings. She also strongly reveres her family, and she gives her credit to her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother for the gifts of knowledge on baking and food preservation.

Anna Henning will be offering Acorn Processing and Bread Baking

Anna Meier

Anna Meier.jpg

Anna Meier is an artist living and working in Northern California. She received her BFA in Fibers from the Oregon College of Art and Craft and her MFA in sculpture at the University of Miami. Working in multiple mediums, Meier focuses on blurring the lines between art, society, and the natural world to create beneficial and eye opening experiences. Each of her projects is an attempt to understand how art and creative work can make a positive impact on society and deepen our understanding of our place in the natural world. Meier teaches ceramics and fiber arts full time at an inclusive art center.

Anne Meier will be offering Natural Dyes: an Overview, Indigo Basics, and Eco-printing

Annyea Healy

Following the interwoven threads of life, Annyea has found herself nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills on her homestead, tending to the land, her animals, and her community. Annyea strives to live harmoniously with the Earth in all aspects of her life, including in her creativity. She is a fiber artist who is passionate about creating sustainably. With natural fibers from her own animals and from our local community, Annyea spins, plant dyes and weaves from her heart, for joy, as an offering to Earth. Annyea loves to share what she has learned in her practice, from her teachers, and all those who came before, at gatherings, events and in private lessons. She is a medicine song carrier, and a lover of simplicity, ceremony, music, yoga, and growth.

Annyea will be offering Roots of Fiber Arts~Spinning Wheel and Roots of Fiber Arts~Drop Spindle

Ashley Ramos

Ashley Ramos.jpg

Ashley Ramos is an Oakland based yoga teacher, reiki master, and Qoya initiated teacher. These are the same tools that she practices and believes that it connects her to her highest Self. Ashley is passionate about women’s health, connecting and honoring the feminine energy. As a registered nurse, she was driven to take a yoga teacher training in order to learn more about what happens to the women’s body during prenatal and postnatal in a much more holistic stand point. As a lover of dance, she discovered Qoya, where she was able to connect deeper to the Divine Feminine and the essence of herself being wise, wild and free.

Ashley will be offering Qoya

Bethany Wilde


Bethany will be offering Holistic Womb + Pelvic Healing in the Wellness Spa


a massage therapist and has over 150 hours of advanced training in women’s internal and external pelvic bodywork, including during pregnancy. Some of the most well-known trainings she’s certified in are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care by Tami Kent.


Bethany Wilde is a massage therapist and guide. She received her BA in Somatic Studies, engaging in independent study to learn about how trauma is held in the body and gentle, natural ways to heal. She works with women through holistic womb and pelvic healing sessions, weaving together intuitive and traditional bodywork, energy medicine, ancestral guidance and deep presence. She aims to hold space for women's healing, helping them reclaim vibrant health and freedom in their bodies and spirits.

Bethany's mission in life is to help women remember that their feminine center can be a foundation of power, support and deep wisdom. That their soul voice can be uncovered through connecting with their womb and pelvic space, where their vitality and powerful female sexuality and sensuality lives. That they have an innate blueprint of wisdom and health.

She is honored to offer intuitive bodywork sessions, where each one is unique and co-created with you.

Bree Lauren

Bree Lauren.jpg

Bree is a sexually liberated woman, wellness advocate, full spectrum doula, yoga guide, environmental feminist and a sustainable small business owner. She creates space and products for womxn to step into an empowered relationship with their bodies. Embodying the wild sacred feminine in her work and words, she walks a path of devotion in hopes to inspire others to step into their fierce fullness.

She is a female entrepreneur who owns Madre Mudra, a sustainable, eco-lux woman’s wellness brand.

Bree will be curating + facilitating The Pussy Parlor

Brittney Bliss

Brittney Bliss.png

Brittney is a holistic wellness educator (B.S) and sacred sexuality coach (@sexwithbliss). She teaches pleasure based, inclusive, and positive sexual health education.

She hosts international workshops, online courses, ceremonies, gatherings, and retreats on sacred sexual wellness, womb wisdom, orgasmic living, menstrual cycles, yoni eggs, sex magick, ecstatic dance, plant medicine, and wilderness therapy.  She believes in the power of connecting with nature, to remember our true nature, and to live in harmony with Mama Nature. She mixes the best of all worlds to create wholistic mind, body, and soul transformational experiences all over the world.

Brittney will be offering Menstrual Moon Magic and Yoni Egg Initiation

Cami Logan

cambelle logan.JPG

Inspired by natural living from an early age, Cami began pursuing earth- based education in her teens. From organic farming, to permaculture, she eventually followed the thread of ecological connectivity to the study of herbal medicine. She has studied at the California School of Herbal Studies, the Dhyana Center, Society of Wellness, and with Aviva Romm through her Herbal Medicine for Women course. In her free time Cami runs an herbal website called Riversong Herbs, where she writes about the application of herbalism for pregnancy, postpartum, and children’s health. She also enjoys seeing clients, teaching herbal medicine at gatherings, mothering her baby twins, and sharing about the wisdom and healing magic of plants in whatever capacity she can.

Cami will be offering Herbal Medicine for Women's Wellness

Cyrena Giordano

Cyrena Giordano.jpg

Cyrena is a love inspirationalist through consent! She’s also a singer-songwriter, sound healer, consent educator and voice empowerment & relationship coach (and masseuse). With her background and certifications in compassionate communication, co-counseling, life-coaching, consent trainings, extensive experience facilitating all ages of people, interactive theater for social change, circle holding, ritual, shamanic dance performance/dance therapy training, Theater of the Oppressed training, and performing singing and sound-healing for the past 12+ years, she strives to create heaven on earth through all these modalities to teach people how to have healthy and loving relationships with the self, the other, and the world around them.

Her ancestral lineage is mostly white European-- primarily British, Irish, German on her mom's side and full-blood Italian on her dad's side with some dashes of French, Spanish/Portuguese, West Asian, & Greek/Balkan in her blood. Her work originates from Theater of the Oppressed which was created by Augosto Boal in Brazil. Co-counseling was created in England and then was traveled to the U.S. Non-violent Communication (compassionate communication) was created by Marshall Rosenberg in the U.S. The shamanic dance group she was in was sourced shamanic teachings by their teacher Anandha Ray- also trained and ordained as an Isis Oasis Priestess- which holds roots in Egyptian practices. Her experience with hosting song circles and voice activations stems from learning songs from all over the world, and also listening to the ancestral wisdom downloads of women singing together. Her sound healings are mostly sourced music and have middle-eastern and Central/South American influences.

Cyrena will be offering The Dance of Consent & Consent As Love

Dez Davis

Dez Davis.JPG

Dez Davis provides transformational teachings & coaching services for intuitively gifted womxn entrepreneurs to Ignite even greater community impact, global service, personal fulfillment, & financial prosperity with greater ease, confidence, authenticity, & authority. Dez draws upon her diverse education, & experiential background as a spiritually centered, high-achieving, African American, Queer Womxn to bring a fresh, down to earth quality to her original teachings or frameworks. For over a decade Dez studied, developed, & applied practices in personal transformation for high-performance womxn entrepreneurs, professional creatives, life-coaches, & established community leaders. Utilizing a combination of finely attuned psychic intuition, straightforwardness balanced with compassion, humor + the effectiveness of 6 years of in depth training in Life Coaching, Energy Psychology, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dez Davis is an emerging force of inspiration for higher self-living within the thought leadership community.

Dolly Sorenson

polly christopher hodge- offering.jpg

Dolly is eager to create bridges to allow connection and hold spaces for transformational healing and awakening. She is passionate about helping people connect to nature and teaches what she has learned from her relationship with mushrooms. She is a wounded healer, future thinker, magic maker, mother of two, forest dweller, mushroom lover, and avid gardener looking to heal the earth.

Dolly will be offering Freedom Through Connection; The Medicine of the Mushroom

Emilee Amara

Emilee Amara2.jpeg


Licensed esthetician, Herbalist, Reiki practitioner

Emilee Amara is committed to bringing more beauty, balance and magick into your life. She is a proud Green Witch initiated in the Wise Woman Tradition, focusing on wholeness to bring forth well being. As a licensed esthetician and herbalist, her goal is to educate others on skin immunity and empower them to take their health into their own hands. She makes her own skincare and medicine using her “IntuWitchin” and each treatment is always custom. She also incorporates Shamanism, sound therapy and is Reiki I/II attuned. She resides in Los Angeles with her jungle dog, Colibri.

Emilee will be offering Shamanic Facials and Lash Lifts in the Wellness Spa

Emma Meyers

Emma Myers.jpeg

Emma Myers is a student of life and love. She is on a journey of deep listening, in devotion and reverence to the divine beauty weaving through all beings, seen and unseen.

Carried and guided by her travels throughout the world, and time spent tending to the land in the hills of Mendocino where she lives, allowing her path of healing and service to unfold within the mystery.

Emma has studied and practiced hatha yoga for the last 8 years. She is also a practicing herbalist, learning from the plants as they come into her life. Sitting in prayer and ritual, in nature, with women in song, story, and silence is her happy place. Her most recent callings have brought her to Maui to learn the ways of the Death Doula. She is continuing to trust and listen, knowing that all these paths and ways will come together and compliment each other as she dances deeper into her wholeness.

Emma will be offering Holding Space for Healing

Hannah Grasso is an international Women's Embodiment Coach and Yoga Teacher guiding women, through movement, to root into their most authentic expression, love and trust their bodies, and be their most magnetic and empowered version of self. Teaching yoga since she was 16 years old, Hannah has completed 4 advanced teaching certifications, the most recent of which being the Amba Movement and AmbaMama Teacher Trainings. She created her business 8 Limb Mama during her pregnancy with her son as a response to the lack of resources for women to connect to their sacred and primal feminine nature. Hannah offers online courses, moon gatherings, and works 1:1 with women through a highly customized 8-week embodiment journey for women to radically shift their relationship to their bodies and their lives. Hannah also holds a BS in Health Education with an emphasis in Holistic Health and is a mama to an incredible little boy.

Isis Indriya

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.52.20 PM.png

Isis will be offering the Art of Ritual.

Isis Indriya is a Visionary, Creative Director, Experience Designer, Community Leader, Ritualist, Culture Maker and Educator. Isis’ multi-faceted work brings wholistic and initiatory practices in dynamic and widely accessible forums.

With 20 years experience in event production ranging from festivals & conferences to farm to table theatrical dinners, from ritual theater to rituals and classes. She co-founded Living Village Culture, a collective of educators and creatives dedicated to bridging art, immersive experience and activism through event production, education, retreats, and ceremonies.

As a carrier of the Oracle Clan Fire and ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, she teaches various classes in Mystery Studies including the Art of Ritual both in her local community and internationally. She is a facilitator of community rites and retreats and organizes spiritual journeys in Egypt.

Isis has studied extensively in a diverse range of wisdom systems including esoteric mystery studies, healing arts, transpersonal psychology and Ritual Theater. She furthers her studies with WisdomKeepers focused on Earth Wisdom Traditions and Mystical Arts.

Jacqui Wilkins

Jacqui Wilkins.jpg

Jacqui will be offering herbalism classes

Jacqui's first connection to the Green world began before she could even talk. Growing up in the Mountains of Montana, living close to Nature, making potions, gardening with her parents & grandparents, Jacqui’s roots began to form. It was the Plants, Earth & her Ancestors who guided her home when she inevitably veered off her Path. Growing up it was the Trees who gave comfort as friends, and the Big Dipper shining bright - helping her to know she belonged to both, Earth + Stars. Her intention as a teacher, practitioner, medicine maker and sacred space holder is to help awaken these memories within you as well - to unlock this knowing you hold so deeply in your bones. To act as a light for navigating transitional times, as we wade through these waters of un-learning & remembering together.

As a gradaute of Naturopathic Medicine, a Plant Medicine Person, Doula & Mixed Indigenous Yakama Womxn - Jacqui offers guidance & support for you to find deep connection, belonging, healing & wisdom. Her focus is sharing Earth Based practices, Wisdom, Dream work, Ancestral connection & Plant medicine while also bringing in her medical training as a Naturopathic Doctor. Bridging Tradition + Modern medicine, like the Earth + Stars, to find harmony & connection with all of our relations. Her current focus is offering Online Herbalism Courses through Pachamama Medicines, and small batch homegrown Plant Medicine offerings on her Etsy shop of the same name; while also juggling the beauty + challenges of being a full time Mama to her little one, Bear. Jacqui currently lives in Toronto, Dish With One Spoon territory, and tends to the Pachamama Medicine Garden, her dreams + teachings.

Julia Gotico

Julia Gotico.jpeg

Jules will be offering Integrative Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage in the wellness spa


Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork, Kauai graduates 2018 with 720hours, 1 year of practice, and certified and licensed massage therapist for the state of California certification #78001

Aloha rising wombyn, My name is Jules. I am 26 years old, born and raised in California, but consider many places all over this beautiful Earth that has collected pieces of my heart to call hOMe. The healing arts, have enriched my life so deeply with the beauty of connection towards my own story, my pain, my pleasures, my sensations and my own healing. Learning how to weave through Self, as I integrate these downloads into my everyday life~ sharing and extending the transparency with others and permeating nothing but gratitude as I continue to humbly receive each new experience. It is a true honor to share bits of my journey here with you. In 2018, I received my education on the beautiful island of Kauai at The Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork. This program integrates massage education through a handful of modalities such as cranial sacral, Swedish, Thai, deep connective tissue therapy, and the 10- series; personal growth/healing, emphasizing mindfulness, trauma-informed somatic psychology, and neuroscience. Through this experience I walked away with deeper knowledge of my own self and this beautiful magical work that we do, together. That truly the healing comes from within YOU. Your own trust, your own presence, receptivity and attention towards your experience. I apply my own techniques, my whole heart, absolute presence, and undivided listening to our space as you travel through your own, deepening, watching and releasing of your internal and external experiences, and together we do this work. Bodywork has been an absolute gift in my life to receive and give, just one of the many conduits of healing offered in this life but for me personally, one I am so passionate about, so in love with, and one I find the most powerful. I’m humbly honored at every connection I get to make being a body worker, extremely grateful for the opportunity to share and learn more each session as I dive into the interconnected work this art offers for self and other. I deeply appreciate your time in receiving this, warmest mahalo to all.

Kendal White

kendal white.jpg

Kendal’s mission in life is to share love, light and healing through movement, music, and art. After obtaining her bachelors degree in Global Studies at UCSB she continued her studies of self-inquiry and pursued the path of yoga. She is a certified Yoga and Acroyoga instructor, multi-instrumentalist, body artist and lover of life. With a foundation in Martial Arts, Kendal brings forth devotion and intention to her daily practices, cultivating strength mentally and physically. Over the last six years Kendal has traveled extensively around the globe studying under some of the principle founders of AcroYoga and Yoga of Heart within the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Yoga has gifted her the exploration of movement and breath, an outlet for creative expression, and a strong sense of community. She is an eternal student, empowering people of all ages and walks of life to explore and embody their highest self.

Kendal will be offering Awakening the Hearth Through Movement and Sound

Laughter Medicine & Starlight Compost

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.39.44 AM.png

This will be our fourth year to teach at the gathering on this land. It is my favorite, but just one of many gatherings where I have taught my original Bottle Basket and Chopstick Cover designs since 2007. Other gatherings I teach at are Rabbit Stick, WinterCount, Buckeye, Lighting our Path, Spirit Weavers and Elements. Along side me, as always, will be Starlight Compost teaching her original hat designs, the Brim and the Bird Tribe visor. We began learning ancestral arts shorty after we met in 1992. We may often be found on hot summer days at the Yuba River weaving. I am so pleased to be invited back! ~laughter

Laughter Medicine & Starlight Compost will be offering Cattail Weaving and Fire Making

Leah Hughes

Leah Hughes.jpg

My work is a culmination of the past 9 years of studying and training with various teachers. I combine Ayurveda, herbalism and thetahealing (energy work) in my private practice. These bodies of information are my personally tested foundation for the long and winding journey into the self. We have many layers of our being-ness, and they are speaking to us through varied symptoms. With the right training, we can learn to connect the dots (subtle and physical) and open into true healing.

Leah will be offering Lymphatic Breast Massage in the Wellness Spa

Lightworker Liv

Lightworker Liv.jpeg

Lightworker Liv is a digital shaman and chakra genie serving the world with her psychic intuitive gifts. After studying massage therapy and shamanic counseling for a year liv embarked on her journey to be with her twin flame life partner. The more she became in alignment with her authentic divine feminine essence the easier it became to receive love. Liv has developed her shamanic healing gifts thru intense self study and isolation as well as practicing her spiritual truths with her two children who joined her journey as well. Liv holds space for Lightworkers who are tired of holding back, and are ready to make their bold, brave, and beyond basic dreams come true. She is the founder and creatrix of The Chakra Genie Method TM.

Lightworker Liv will be offering Freeing the Divine Feminine: A 4 day Journey thru the Physical and Soul Chakras to Activate your True Authentic Nature

 Mackenzie is a song gatherer with a passion to weave women together to experience song as an ancient form of connection. Singing is a ancestral skill, perhaps one of the most important! To sing is elemental and natural. It expresses that which words alone cannot. She believes in the power that arises when women gather to give voice to the unseen and that we all have a song born within us. We each have a voice that is all-powerful and all-knowing that exists deep inside. Our voice can create magic in our world and can heal our bodies with the vibration it creates. This voice inside is waiting to be sung into creation. Each of us is a vessel for manifestation, creation, and beautifying the world. She believes we are here for this; we are here to sing ourselves alive. Her mission is to support women in finding the song inside herself.

Manya Williams


Manya will be offering Ayurvedic Bliss Therapies in the Wellness Spa


California College of Ayurveda, Shakti School of Feminine Form Ayurveda, Aquarian Women Leadership Society & Immense Grace for Creative Entrepreneurs, RAMA Institute for Applied Yogic Science, DONA Certified Birth Doula -- AHC, HHT, (CD) DONA - 15 years

Manya Williams offers a holistic approach to individualized wellness that is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda: a complete medical science and way of life which explains that our health elevates when we live in accordance with the rhythm of nature by taking cues from our inner and outer world. With a focus on lifestyle medicine education and support, Manya believes that health is an ongoing exploration and evolution rather than an isolated result. She has proudly studied and mentored with the top educators in Ayurveda, Somatic Therapy, Sexual Health Medicine, and Bodywork Therapies with a focus on womens’ health through all seasons of life. She is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Body Therapist residing in the Pacific Northwest. *Also founder of Plantd Cafe & Marketplace

Mary Campbell

Mary will be offering Intuitive Handpoke Tattoo

Mary (she/they) is a queer tattooer, photographer, and mixed media artist based in Southern California. She currently lives and works at a retreat center near Lake Elsinore, tattoos in Los Angeles, and travels along the West Coast for photography. Growing up in the church with two therapists for parents, Mary is informed by the intersections of Christian mysticism, witchcraft, embodiment, queer spirituality, and deep curiosity. Trust in the Mystery is at the center of her creative life, and she is honored to bring her handpoke tattooing to Origins once again this year.

Melanya Gonshoworski

0691F006-14FD-46CD-9827-6EB058195F4A copy - Melanya Gonshorowski.jpg

Melanya is a local midwife in Nevada county and mother of two beautiful boys 5 and 7 years old. She has been attending births for 10 years and feels honored to walk with and empower all different types of couples as they expand their families. She first learned about pelvic floor health and the benefits of yoni massage or trigger point therapy 10 years ago and has been learning more about it in the last 5 years and helping women discover how they can heal themselves and when to seek help from a professional. Melanya has taught children’s art activities and basket and hat weaving in previous years at the Northern California woman’s herbal symposium. She also has a passion for working with children and teens and worked for many years as a camp counselor and backpacking instructor and has a BA in anthropology and a BS in midwifery.

Melanya will be offering DIY Yoni Massage for Pelvic Floor Health

Mikhel Neshat

Mika D.jpeg

Mikhel has been shooting recurve bows on and off for the last 5 years. She first encountered her love and natural ability with the bow at a skills gathering. The bow brings a sense of mindful meditation into her life.

Mikhel is passionate about culinary arts, fermentation, the organization of spaces, and dance & music. African drum and dance, specifically Malian and Congolese styles, capture her interest strongly.

She lives in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in a small rustic off-grid cabin in the woods, that she renovated with the help of dear friend.

Mikhel will be offering Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery

Molly McClellan

Molly Oraya McClellan.jpeg


10 years + experience (22-35 years old but took time off to have a baby). I am a Reiki Master Teacher, I have trained with 4 different teachers and sometimes repeating the same courses to receive different perspectives on energy healing. I have developed my own modality called Sacred Soul Alchemy, which combines energy healing with an intuitive reading. Sacred Soul Alchemy helps people with all levels of healing, depending on what the individual most needs. I had a practice for over 10 years offering energying healing, massage therapy, sound healing and workshops. I have mentors who have helped me tremendously.

I am a child of the Earth learning, growing & creating. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a guide, a mirror, and a sacred witness. I began my journey in the healing arts at age 20 learning Reiki from a generous professor who loved sharing with the community. From there I went on to study many types of Reiki and energy healing, massage, yoga, herbalism, ancestral healing, indigenous wisdom & Expressive Arts Therapy. I have had incredible mentors and guides. Much of my training comes from the trails and tribulations of my life as well as my unseen guides and ancestors. It is the greatest honor of my life to be in service to the highest good of all beings. My life is a humble offering to the Beloved Creator. I live to be of service and to build a better future for our children. My healing gifts are one of the ways I can make a positive impact in the lives of others.
Molly will be offering Intuitive Soul Readings & Energy Healing in the Wellness Spa

Natilie Michaels

Natilie Michaels.jpg

Natilie Michaels is the creator of Skullptress, handmade jewelry for passionate adventurous women. Her designs are influenced by the sacred art and adornments of indigenous cultures, mythology, and natures natural forces. The jewelry is featured in art galleries, boutiques and online. Working with models, artists, dancers and musicians, Natilie has inspired an eclectic group of supporters. Natilie lives on the rugged Big Sur coastline of California. It is in this dramatic setting that she has her studio, drawing from the natural beauty for inspiration and support.

Natilie makes jewelry with her hands and heart. Her creations are a combination of dreams and ancient collective memories, transforming raw materials into energetically empowering jewelry.

“Jewelry is part of my daily ritual. Wearing it helps inform me of who I am. It reminds me of signifiant moments in my life. It enhances my presence and amplifies my personal power. It is medicine for body and spirit.” -Natilie Michaels

Natilie’s approach to jewelry design is an impassioned exploration. Her intention is to make available empowering adornments to assert the individual strength, beauty and solidarity of all people.

You can learn more about Natilie and her company Skullptress at

Natalie will be offering The Art of Lost Wax Casting

Onaia Love

Onaia is joining us from the mountainous high desert, just outside of Sedona, Arizona, where she lives on some land in a tiny, rural town with her partner and three children. Her Gemini Moon has made for an interesting resume, from tire technician to tattoo artist, qigong instructor to cobbler, and has kept her continuously seeking new knowledge, skills, experiences and adventures. These days she dedicates most of her time to being the most present, loving and supportive mother she can be, tending to her “Space of Love” (land), practicing BEing still and tuning into the natural world, working with our mushroom & herbal allies @awildianherbs, making minimalist shoes with her Beloved, and maintaining a personal practice of meditation, Qigong and Yoga to cultivate deeper peace, love, healing, awareness and growth.
She is beyond excited to be gathering with all of you BeautyFULL Wombyn. ❤️

Onaia will be offering Minimalist Shoemaking and Qigong for Peace & Wellness

Paige Doyle

Paige Doyle.jpg

Paige is a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach. Over the past decade, she has worked in a variety of health settings, including schools, farms, gardens, apothecaries, resource centers, and other nonprofits. She looks at wellness from a multi-dimensional approach - weaving the spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental, and social aspect of health into her practice. Paige currently works with clients one-on-one in her private practice. She specializes in digestive disorders, emotional health, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, and more. She also teaches workshops and classes on nutrition, cooking, and detoxing for groups of all sizes. Having battled an eating disorder herself in high school, she understands the importance of food as medicine.

Paige will be offering Healing through Intuitive Eating

Portia Richardson

Portia Richardson.jpg

I am a holistic and interdisciplinary healer, teacher, guide, ritualist, and channel. My medicine path is one of remembering our wholeness. I work at the intersections of embodiment, expanded consciousness, creative expression, sacred activism, ancestral connection, and cultural healing.
My blood lineage people are from the lands of Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Western Europe. They migrated to Turtle Island in the mid 1700’s – and settled/colonized the traditional lands of the Shawnee and Cherokee peoples throughout the Appalachian region (now Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia). Currently, I live and love in South Minneapolis, Minnesota – better known as the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe (Chippewa, Ojibwe) and Dakota (Sioux) peoples.
I am raced white and walk with insider privilege within the current culture – and am committed to the ongoing process of dismantling oppressive power structures internally and externally.
I am a queer person (pan-ecosexual/non-monogamous/non-binary/she-they/femme), a partner and mother, an independent musician, an animist, an eclectic witch, and a bridge for the Otherworld.
I work 1-on-1 with folx and hold group events through my private practice Tall Reeds Healing Arts, as well as teach graduate courses through the Center of Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.
Simply put, my mission is to heal collective trauma and dis-ease by tending to how it is showing up for each of us individually. My practice flows from the guiding principle of as without so within, as within so without. You can connect more with me at

Portia Richardson will be offering: Invoking the Whore, Love Light + Whiteness, Tending the Witch Wound, and Uploading the New Earth : Body as Channel

Rachael Carlevale

Rachael Carlevale.png

Honoring plant spirit medicine as founder of Ganjasana: Cannabis Yoga Ceremonies and School, Rachael is a curandera healer, teacher, and activist farmer based in Colorado. She is a conduit for awakening messages from the natural world, a “steward of the medicine,” and roots her practices in the ethics of permaculture - earth care, people care, fair share. She believes in holding space for practitioners to cultivate and deepen safe, harmonious plant medicine relationships for transformation and healing. She aims to raise awareness of indigenous wisdom to unite holistically and regenerate body, mind and soil. Rachael embodies her work in the mountains where she mindfully grows regenerative living organic cannabis, dogs, worms, and soil; and offers healing retreats, courses, and yoga teacher trainings.

Rachael Carlevale will be offering Ganjasana: Cannabis Plant Spirit Ceremony

Rhea Light

Rhea Light.jpg

Rhea is a certified Breathwave and Advanced EFT Facilitator with a focus on trauma release and pattern integration. She completed her first Conscious Connected Breathwork training in 2014. Since then, she has assisted in the facilitation of Teacher Trainings under the close mentorship of her teacher, Robin Clements. She offers a weekly breath practice in Nevada City and the bay area and works with clients one on one. Her offering is non-denominational and rooted in metta or loving kindness. Through her facilitation, she intends to create a heart-centered space in which the breather can safely surrender to the divine intelligence of this simple yet powerfully healing tool.

Rhea will be offering Breathwave

Sam Rea

Sam Rea.jpg

Sam Rea is the creator and founder of Earthess Herbs & Healing, an Integrative Shakti Reiki practitioner, and Amba Women's Movement Embodiment instructor. Sam's family lineage is from Mexico and first began studying Latino Herbalism in Costa Rica . A graduate of The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, The Wise Womb Medicine Path, and Amba Women’s School of Embodiment, she share her passion through ancestral earth-based teachings and crafts to her local community in Los Angeles, Ca. With plant spirit medicine, movement, reiki, and sound healing, she facilitates healing circles, empowering women to stay grounded and connected to themselves, while accessing their inner power, and intuitive, creative life force within.

Staci Ivori

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 2.42.36 PM.png

Staci will be offering Clearing the Charge, Re-Mothering and Nurturing Support Team Leader

Staci Ivori is an intuitive guide, tarot reader, Reiki practitioner, herbalist and maker. Since coming out of the “broom closet” as a Witch, and embracing an innate relationship with ritual, her mission has been to create safe sacred spaces that foster growth and re-connection with our true essence of self, through ancient traditions and new modern practices. She resides in Brooklyn, NY where she teaches workshops, leads moon ceremonies and various circles. After her own transformative initiation experience with Woman Within International, she regularly staffs on healing retreat weekends and is the Circle Coordinator for the NY-Metro area of Woman Within Eastern, placing women in circles who are seeking community and connection.

Her skills for facilitating Women’s Work is paramount, for surviving her own intense traumas has gifted her the ability to connect with women on a profound level and guide them to their own inner knowing. We all have the ability to retrieve the gold within our shadows during deep transformations. Staci Ivori is purely here to facilitate and support you along your journey.

Swirl Moore

Swirl Moore.png

Swirl is a multifaceted holistic practitioner who combines a deep breadth of knowledge in numerous healing modalities with an intimate understanding of holistic pain management. When a series of diagnosis uncovered spinal, gut, and immune issues that threatened her quality of life, she embarked on a multi year journey where she discovered how to heal, manage and reduce her own pain; from the inside out. Her ability led her on a mission to do the same for others. Today, Swirl empowers her clients by teaching them methods to reduce their pain, raise their awareness and enabling them to live a full and balanced life.

Swirl will be offering EDGU Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance, Balancing your Wellness Wheel, and Alphabiotic Alignment Process

Rachael Soroka

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.29.05 PM.png

Rachael Soroka’s love of archery started at a Buckeye Gathering 4 years ago, and has become an on-going life project with dedicated range practice and a goal of bow hunting.  Her archery instruction is informed by 12 years of intensive martial arts training, giving her the ability to analyze and explain complicated and nuanced physical practices in an accessible and natural way.  She lives in the woods in an off-grid cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills where personal empowerment and day-to-day sustainability are core beliefs and practices in her life, and primitive skills work is constant and central.  Wild meat figures heavily into her diet, as well as gardening and foraging.

Rachael will be offering Introduction and Skill Development in Traditional Archery

Vidya Sofia

Vidya Sofia Henderson.jpg

Vidya Sofia is a Tantra Instructor who has been teaching globally since 2010.
Her workshops bring traditional esoteric information to life, and through personal experience she is able to make this knowledge applicable for our current paradigm. While Tantra is a broad path including so many areas of wisdom, her passion lies in working with women around issues of sexual healing and expression.

Vidya will be offering The Origins of Pleasure: the Tantric Approach to Female Orgasm and The Sexual Archetypes of the Five Elements

Winter Jendayi

Winter Jendayi.jpeg

Winter is a passionate songstress, ceremonialist and yoga instructor (RYT-700), residing in the Sierra Foothills of California. Here she is co-creating a spiritual community and retreat center, The Confluence, where she currently holds a variety of monthly ceremonial circles and offerings. Winter is a Moon Dancer and pipe carrier of the Metztliyoliliztli Danza in Costa Rica where she has completed her four-year commitment as a pipe carrier and received the Mexica name, Koskatlan, as a symbol of this initiation. This name, meaning, ‘the woman who weaves her life,’ guides Winter's work as she weaves the wisdom of different traditions together, in the same way her ancestry is woven from different parts of the world.
Winter has spent the last five years in countries and communities around the globe where she received teachings from elders and experienced many traditional forms of healing. From this work she has found inspiration and guidance for holding space and using music as medicine. Inspired by sacred plants, the earth, and prayer, Winter strives to weave her visions, experiences and the wisdom she receives, into her work, guiding participants to become aware of the sacred space within and of our deep connection with the earth.

Yasmeen Khan

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 2.43.48 PM.png

Yasmeen will be offering The Nose Knows

Yasmeen is a community healer who spent years traveling, exploring various systems of living and establishing understanding of indigenous ways. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a journalism/interpersonal communications degree and working for various non profits she set out to grasp a deeper understanding of alternative healing modalities. This led to the discovery of the vedas and the ancient teachings and plant wisdoms known as Ayurveda. She hopes to spread her love for community herbalism and healing through the increased gathering of women and tribe where we can come together on common grounds of humanity regardless of color creed religion or socioeconomic status. She is a member of global and national communities and has a passion and vision for world wide unity through exchange of storytelling and outreach.